About us

Skull Bike Club was conceived in the dark bicycle boneyard backrooms of Adventure Cycles in Auckland city New Zealand. Amongst nos suzue cranksets and anodized hubs it was cultivated. With guidance and a minimal wage from our penurious mentor it grew. Till one day it was ready to spread its WD soaked wings and fly drunkenly through the streets of Auckland city.

Since then it has met new friends and gone international, so now has this website as a way to keep in touch and continue to entertain and inspire each other. We ride all kinds of bikes and we encourage all kinds of riding. Getting bums on bikes is number one for us so we hope people who look at the site get psyched to build bikes, ride and try new things.

The Skull Bike Club is an idea; one that any group of like-minded people can pick up and ride with. It's a DIY recipe of bike nerdiness and good times.