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Mark Skulls emailed me the other day with some new graphics for the site, looks pretty bloody sweet, If any of you are from Auckland, New Zealand, you may notice that the logo is influenced by and old bike shop here in Auckland called Adventure Cycles..... I think half the people who contribute to this site use to work there back in the good old days. Any body got photos of that place? Thanks for the designs Mark.

In other news I got my Sunn 24" Custom painted by a Artist friend of mine, I just gave it to him to do anything he wanted with, I wasn't sure what it was going to come out like, but I have to say it looks pretty rad and i like it allot. I'm not sure if its in everybody's taste but who cares its defiantly one of kind now, ill post more photos of it once i get it built up.


Heres something for mike as hes off to tokyo on Sat.



Why would one straight dude go online to meet another straight dude?


Check this out for a bit of history. The first video is both cool and lame at the same time, but the footage of the klunkers from back in the day is amazing. My favourite is the high speed hippy headbanger bail at 4.08. I met Gary Fisher one time when I was working at Adventure Cycles. He tried to sell me his custom Ti Fisher MTB, but I didn't have $2000 - true story! Both videos show how rad stuff is when people just make shit up while having fun.

And how much does Tom Ritchey remind you of Brian? Weird...

Praise Jah

Thanks to the Dinosaur.


After my last post of that crazy anodized technique I was browsing and found another ridiculous one.. check it.

In other news Ivan from Steady Rollin Is holding an event on the 4th of may in Auckland, New Zealand called the 'Asylum Criterium' , Basically its a race for fixies and sounds like its going to be allot of fun, for the event info click here.

And last of all.. ah yea.. hmm.. yup... its that time... time for another hot babe and a bike, haha.

Tomorrow We Work W-Edit

Tomorrow We Work Park Edit from Joe Cox on Vimeo.


You might not like it... but to me its the hottest bike I have ever seen!!! Anodized Splatter Technique.

If any one who lives in Auckland is keen to ride around town and have a few drinks one evening next week leave a comment or drop me an, thanks.

Oh yea and if you havent noticed yet Tim White aka Too White aka T-white is now contributing to this site. Thanks Tim!

Mashed Marsh

A few weekends back the we went on a sunday afternoon jaunt across London to the Hackney marsh. Its often said the its the journey that makes the trip, and yea, the marsh was wild and muddy but was pretty much just a big park. We started at our local playground which has the green moon humps you may have seen the poster boy riding before, and a disused area that looks like an abandoned play center . It has a nice ply bank setup that i wan to add to for some bmx fun time and a asphalt corner(ish) tranny thing. The only problem with this place is that you have to jump a fence that threatens to tear you a new one every time you climb over. These photos have been some time coming. Mark has been working on this bike for some time and finally let me take a photo of it in full weekend style. He says it is done and has a few other bikes in the works. While hanging out in this spot found a sweet Adventure style stash, full of crap and the odd treasure. There are a few more photos of this and the rest of the ride here. These crazy things are the Homerton Humps. Lots of fun to ride with the central lump being quite steep. We rode through the marsh, laughed at the strange pairings of golf players, took a muddy detour, backtracked, and found ourselves passing this island. Its ruled by crows with an evil temper and a strength to math. After a pint at the mildly dodge pub we headed back for a game of park style table tennis in the fading light. Sounds romantic but with 4 lads it was nothing but tall cans and serious game time.

Hi all
I have a cannondale track bike for sale. If your interested give me a shout at $400 its a 54


I got everything done on the bike and the chain was short for the frame length. The only problem is that moto shops don't open on Sundays.
I built that wheel for the bike it has a two speed freewheel so I can change the gear ratio on the pedaling side of the bike. Built the wheel with a araya 7x 24inch rim wheelsmith spokes and alloy nipples for some weight reduction.
This is the hart of the beast 80cc of two stroke power. I manged to get this moto-glide cruiser for a good deal and bought this kit of trade me. I have seen a few of these in Canada but for some reason people always put the kit on fucked up looking k-mart choppers and other west coast chopper abortion type bikes. cant wait to rip on this.
whats up check out this bad boy 80cc of pure power. this puppy should be able to hit around 65kph on the open road. its taken me about 2 days to get her together. I think wazz mans going to do the same thing to his deuce cruiser. should be fun racing from my house to the top of mt Eden and back. I am going to loose the rear wheel in this picture and build a lighter wheel with a smaller tire for more speed and chain clearance. not sure how shes going to fly with only a front drum break hopefully its sufficient. only one way to find out. its all about power to weight ratio on this baby.


So a few weeks back we made a little day trip to Brighton. We rode up and down the water front, ate rock candy, f & c, and ended the day with a few pints a a little pub that had a prize pool going on the next celebrity to kick it. Nice place though, one of the barmaids had a fan on the counter so every time she went to the till it looked like a beer commercial, she loved it.Check the cover of the new Ride UK photo issue for a beautiful shot of a sculpture on the beach.

Since arriving here in London I've been working on a new ride to go alongside my 20". It's a Sunn road bike that I've chopped and swapped around. The wheels are the most recent addition. I built 3 wheels that weekend and felt the pain in my fingertips for days after. While walking around in Brighton i came across this. The wheel was massive, not sure how big but had to be 30" or something. It even had a drink bottle holder.
Then there was this guy... ah, yeah, um... get a Bob i say.

my new whip for winter

Its only taken me two weeks of trying to post stuff on the skull page but I finally made it. All I have to show you guys is my new Tour De France scenester bike. Its a huge frame witch rides nice and smooth its from the 70s and moves quite quick great bike for the rain and bar rides.


I was mucking around on the net the other day looking at all sorts of shit and came across these track bikes, pretty bloody crazy, I would love to see someone shred street on these.

Steve 'Gorak' from Melbourne sent me this link........., I don't know if you'll catch me wearing one. pretty nerdy.. I hope no bmxer or track rider is that concerned about there safety on the roads.

Oh and in true SKULL style.. here is a hot girl on a bike!

Something weird, somthing rad and something hot 3



Paul Knox who works for Elite Cycles in Australia just recently sent me a couple photos of his S&M Widow Maker.. this thing is hot! Paul has been racing this bike since he got it years ago, I remember him saying that he must have been the only guy at the track racing with a 1" stem!! Thanks for the photos Paul!

Below is some more photos of S&M Widow Makers I had lying around on my computer.. so yea check those... the Widow Maker is defiantly a rad two four.