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Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
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Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
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Fixed Magazine Launch Party

Last weekend was the launch of a new free magazine here in London called Fixed. Mark got one of his T's in there via a TokyoFixedGear ad but unfortunately he didnt get to design the ad himself. Im yet to sit down and do more than look at the beautiful photos so telling you it was full of well written articles would be a lie. Besides we went to the launch party for the mass of bikes and the free booze (thanks guys). Ive put up my photos from the evening HERE for you all.


Its hell wet outside but where still going to go for a ride and maybe just got to a bar for a few casual beers, meet at corner of symonds and K'rd between 7 - 7:30.


Well not really, more like mid 90's, I found this bike while I was searching cyber space, I love purple, but I cant decided if this bike is fucking ugly or fucking least we know that girl and her track bike are fucking hot!!

Booooooooze Cruzzzzzzzzze Wed 25th 7pm


I have been meaning to put this up for a while now and have finally got around to it. After not having a fixed gear for about a year I have finally got one back on the road. The frame is a Nishiki road frame, all the parts apart from the rims I got in Japan. The bike including the wheels where built by Chris at hedgehog onehunga... hes pretty much the best wheel builder around. Its a pretty freaking fruity looking bike but im pretty happy with it, and it rides nice.
In other news there is talk of a booze cruze on this Wednesday, ill keep you posted with info.

Fixed Gear Flavor

Dave Benson AKA The Fixed Gear Admiral
recently put together a ritchey breakaway fixie.
as you can see by the photo it just breaks down via the cup links. It even comes complete with a suit case for all your travel needs.
It retails around $1900 NZ for the frame fork headset and suit case.
Very Cool.
Dave also has a blog check It out at

Just got a new track frame I am super stoked on this one. I have been waiting awhile to get one thats just right.
I am in the process of getting all the parts together for the Legnana.
My wallet is going to take a hit on this one oucccccch.

This Sunday Round 2

This Sunday 22nd June at the Unitec campus. Gate 4, Carrington Rd. Around the back, down the one way under the shelter of the TF will be the starting point of Round 2 of the SteadyRollin Asylum Criterium. This will be roughly the same course but run in reverse this time. 3 lap 10k sprint. Its for fun as much as it is a race. So bring your bike, friends, beer and plenty of raditude. Check the SteadyRollin site for more details.

You cant beat a classic.

I found this beautiful NOS De Rosa with C-Record pista group and Campagnolo Shamals whilst trolling the cyberweb. Nice to see a classic rebuild in this crazy world of junior bars and 650 wheels.


I finally got around to getting the gallery up, check it out, so far there is some photos from my trip to japan of all the bikes I saw on the streets of Tokyo, and also some photos of some very nice bikes from the hand built bike show.

Why sweat when you can have one of these...

There are a few vids on ewetube of the jet bike but they are pretty bad quality.

Vans Track

So we all know how dope Vans are for riding fixed in. Well they are about to release a track shoe. It will feature ballistic nylon upper, suede toe box on the dark models and nubuck on the white. The laces have reflective material woven in to them and the heel logo is reflective to. Plus, it comes with a matching Vans tool bag. You can see the pics below. Taken from the Crooked Tongues website. These are going to be available in super limited numbers for NZ. You can get them through Qubic.

Check it out...

stay safe out there

FOR SALE FB Fire Bird and some Brand X crowns

If any one is interested I have this FB fire bird frame for sale.
Its quite a rear BMX frame made in england.
It has The elevated chain stays.
Its has been repaired around the seat tube.
Can pay via paypal.

Also I have four band X crowns for sale
The photo only shows two
someone has drawn some some black lines with a marker.
it should be pretty easy to remove the marker ink.
Can pay via paypal.

Wales, 3 Pants Style

More photos of our super super chilly cold cold cold Easter road trip to Wales - Here

Mmmmmmmm, Beer Review

So there we were, one cold evening a few months back looking for kicks in Kings Cross and we found ourselves in the beer isle. We had already eased the joints with a few cold ones so the sight of the amusing Bishops Finger sparked an idea… beer tasting but with a little twist. We decided to pick a selection purely on the stupidity of their name. Allot of the local beers here in London are much like its countrymen, weak, bitter and nasty. So back to Ruapekapeka (the bat cave) we headed to cool our unchilled purchase and down a few tall cans in the meantime.

What follows is Mark’s little write up of our tasting.
Bishops finger
Ausome gold trimmed label, cool jack daniels shaped bottle. 5.4% and a strong malty hop flavor which I dont really like. we give it 6 tubes stops out of 10 (10 tube stops being an ultimately miserable experience, trust me I do it when I cant ride).
Urg ok onto Hobgoblin
really cool ye oldy TOLKIEN style label. surprising flavorful beer, hints of berry? bottle cap t-shirt deal on the back of the bottle which is kinda. 5.2% we liked this we give it 3 tube stops (which is a good night remember!)
Waggle dance
Defiantly the dumbest named beer. I dont think I even need to taste this but im an alcey and will drink anything so here we go.... mmmmmm smells really good, weird. its got a fruity honey flavor easy to drink, like a fruity lager? we would give this a 2 but the lable, name and bottle shape is sooo gay we give it a 4.
Nat said the golden shower taste delicious (Ed: Freudian slip), ummmmmm yeah its a bit too fruity for me, no really. fruity weird asha said it taste like purple guana (remember those) gross we give a unamis 6 tubes.
Old Peculiar (the legend)
Yeah its not all that. dark, 5.6% strong kinda weird. im drunk i cant really tell but asha cant drink it so it must be pritty bad. me and nat give it 5.


Well I started working on the gallery and got a bot done for it..... but I run out of space, so once I get some more space on this site it will be up! For now here is a lovely photo for you to enjoy.

T-Whites On The Mean Streets Of AUCKS

I got my hands on a camera and went out on the streets of Auckland for a few snapshots. I made some new friends on the way.

Aneesa came out for ride on the skull skates.

Spotted this trike on k'rd.
Trikes are fucking coooool.

The christens were also out in the sun having a great time hauling this huge cross around.