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Gent's Bicycle

I've been doing a lot of sifting around trying to get some bikes sorted and doing family stuff. It's amazing how, when you're trying to build a bike, especially mutant ones, little seemingly innocuous parts can delay you; I've been trying to get a-hold of a lockring and a seatpost binder bolt for a couple of weeks now. On a whim, I went down to Wallis Cycles. Everything there is usually really expensive, but they found everything I needed for just over $20. And to think I spent two hours crawling around amongst BOH's stash! Actually, that's never a waste of time.

So this is close to finished (I just need a brake). It's got some pre-1967 Campagnolo Pista cranks (I think they stopped making 151BCD cranks after '67) with a nearly new 50 tooth Zeus sprocket and a really nice Brooks saddle that I owe Dave Benson for. The gearing is an easy 50X19 (73.6") because this bike is strictly for bar spins (cruising and drinking). Good old Bruce O'Halloran (Adventure Cycles) found me a roll of fabric tape for the bars ... and the bars come to think of it. Oh, and I painted the wall to go with my chainring bolts - cause that's how I lolz.

Jan Steffen, director of The God Machine, sent me a link to the new site for the movie, including an uploadable PDF of the story I wrote about its premier (click NZ Press button). It's an awesome movie, not just about fixies or whatever, but about riding bikes. Get stoned and watch -- it rules.
Here's the trailer:


Fuckin ugly... but ah well.. at least I can open beers now!

In other news don't ever buy a Sigma 18-200mm... there shit!

Banksy - The Cans Festival

This opened up quite a few months ago but ive been holding back for no real good reason.
Basicall Banksy (England's best known graffiti artist) was let loose on a now out of use tunnel at Waterloo station. I tried to get in while the exhibition was properly open but there was a que for the que so we flagged it. This site has some good shots and a vid of what it was like.
I went back the week after and took phots of my own which you can see HERE.
Over the cause of the exhibition you were allowed to put up your own stuff which is the section out in daylight.

Sunny Spain Mega Post

Hey dudes, me and ash took a little trip to spain last week, heres some pics.
We stayed with one of ashas friends in Valencia who has been learning spanish for 6 weeks. She showed us around and was our translater.
this is where they kill the bulls

some cool old buildings

and cool new buildings

great graffiti everywhere

this ones for break away sativa bike club

and of course some crazy bikes

this one hurts

we got shitty free bikes from one hotel we stayed in and got to ride around a bit

they had the F1 race down at the beach

then we jumped on a train to BARCELONA!
some pics from the train.

barcelona is huge

mostly flat in town but some bigger hills around, theres actually a big longboarding scene and GAVs too I guess but I didnt see any of those.

we saw that big TV aerial on the top of that hill get nailed by lighting one night it was super rad.
heaps of Gaudi buildings I remeber studing at UNI


booze and food is way cheep
sangria is 40c (euro) a litre,

heres the view in the morning

we went to a fiesta one night but I forgot to take my camera, but I snapped some pics the next day of a couple of the streets

basically everyone decorates a street on there block with a differnt theme and there are bands and djs and everyone just parties till 6 in the morning, so rad

So many great skate/riding spots, every fucking ledge is marble or granite and I didnt see one skatestopper anywhere
these are some famous "tits" down at the port in barcelona

banks everywhere

ledges and rails in Valencia

and parks

These are the "bicing" bikes, basically free to use for people who live there, but not for us toristoes.

pritty cool bikes, people seem to really like the chopper sort of style over there, I guess cause its sort of a lazy beach town thing. even though its a huge crazy city.

like velib in paris, vans drive around everyday and grab them and service them.

the bowling alley was pritty good too

you use a joystick to put in your name, sweeeeeet

well thats it for now. uhhhhhhhh.....
thanks for having me.

this is how they ride those funny bikes in japan

A few weekends ago I went out to Dave Benson's place to hang out talk bikes drink beer and see some crazy parts. I snapped a few shots but the photos I have only scratch the surface of the treasure in this shed.

Over three million records & 300,000 CD’s

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Seedy sifty Mexican Saturday ride to pukeko land

This place is the park behind a well known and very soggy old quarter pipe in the dirty end of Remuera. It's a huge wetland area full of curious pukeko and annoying people with dogs. A lot of the reason this place exists is all the water pumped out of the huge quarry right next door. Now that the quarry is being turned into a bunch of houses, I wonder what's going to happen to the pukeko land. They can come hang in my backyard if they like.

I took my new Sunn Bmix for a burn, which was fun.

Gabrielle rode my street croozer and handled the loose gravel well on those 700X23c tires.

One of the many romantic chill out spots in the park. It'd be fun to go for a night ride through here.

Then we went to a Mexican restaurant and grocery store. The food is great, better than the pics can convey. They also have amazing Mexican stuff everywhere, like partying skeletons made of wood and heaps of religious stuff.


Something yum that I can't remember the name of.

Then we stopped here for some beers on the way home. Cobras rule!

Moving Backwards..

I think Mark was right when he said that fixies might end up going through there 48 spoke wheel phase soon.. Check this bash guard, this thing is horrible, I remember when BMXers where running contraptions like this, luckily the industry came to its senses and realized that using thicker & stronger T6-7075 alloy is far lighter and more durable and does the job just as well as an over sized chunk of alloy bolted to your chain wheel, lets just hope freestyle fixie kids figure that one out soon!

Its amazing how far $150 will go....

This weekend I really wanted to find a cheap little camera that I could chuck in my back pocket while out riding instead of having to lug around my digital SLR, So I went into Camrea&Camera on Queen Street and was stocked to find this nice little Rollei for $150, no bad for a 7mp German made camera. Check it out below along with some photos I took with the camera around High Street.

SideWinder Crazzzzyness.

I have had this sidewinder for a few weeks and finally did some work on it.
Should be a sweet ride.


This must be just for lazy people? A fixed gear crank brake? what?


Its wet outside and im bored as hell so here is a few things.

First of all does anyone know where to get one of these? let me know if you do.....

Check out this bike.. hot!...

This is cool..

And so is this...

Downloads of the weak

works really quiet so heres some stuff Ive been ruining my eardrums with this week,

The Sword - Gods of the Earth




Child Abuse


The Flying Luttenbachers- The Void




In the last week or so Defgrip have been posting some really nice vids, such as Chase's new one (oh yea, in the vid after it Arron rides my favourite backyard cricket spot, Grafton represent) so if you havnt seen them check em out. This one of Tate Roskelley is pretty dope, kids got some interesting style. On the other side of cycling Le Tour De France has been and gone for another year so ive been watching the history of the tour on EweTube. Its broken in to 12 parts and if you can get past the really wooden interjection of the Irish presenter i found it really good. Part 1 here, you can find the rest. The Olympics are on at the moment, track cycling starts on the 15 and BMX on the 20th. The course for BMX looks like this...

In other news ive just come back from a long weekend in Dublin for my birthday so ill post a few snappy snaps later. but in the mean time here is some net scavenging for you...

Could this be the bike of BOH?

Velo Stuff - some may know it but i didnt till today. There are some beautiful vintage builds in the gallery.

Ive been meaning to post these for ages but you know, I forget.

The Guv'nor
And the all chrome PhantomBoth made by Pashley.

New addition to the MAME

and some designwork Ive done recently if you havent seen it already.


I have finally got the new gallery's up, so check them out! the first one is actually one of the older gallery's I just had to reload it, if you haven't seen it before make sure you have a look. And the second gallery is a collection of the Skull Bike Club members bikes they have owned over the years. When I was putting this gallery together it kinda amazed me how many bikes we have all owned.... I have still got a few more bikes to load so check back soon!

Mike's Birthday ride

We had a fun ride on Friday night. We met up at the Winchester Tavern for a few beers.
Within a minute of arriving the publican goes, "Here you are boys," and plonks a basket full of ham on the table. Weird.
We felt a bit bad about not eating it, but couldn't bring ourselves to hide it anywhere.
After that we rode down the domain and drank some beers.
We had a beer race around the rotunda, which was fun.
It was no holds barred -- I saw Bob take out Haimoana right in front of me. That was brutal.
The Wazzman won by heaps, confusing all of us. I reckon it's the 'roids.
We were just chilling out after that when some Christians showed up with some baking.
They were a bit strange, but one dude - Gerard I think - he was cool.
He was telling me how he likes to go to the Otara markets and rap and beat box with his mates.
I could tell he wanted to just have a beer and chill.
Fun night with cool people.

Feeling bloggers guilt

for a number of reasons but I went to a bike "exhibition" last night and didnt even think to take a camera with me.

alot of cool bikes and alot of cool stuff and alot of hanging out on the street drinking and talking to french dudes you don't know.
anyway next time Ill take a camera. for now here's a cool bike I saw here HEAPS of eye candy done by a ontoit Japanese blogger dude that runs a shop, I guess?

might post some real life things this weekend but with my resident photographer in dublin expect the pics to be shitty and few.

Rad bikes

Some cool shit to get yous stoked on bikes.
Futuristic cruiser spied on vintagebmx.
A cool BMX and an even radder Ratcycle.
And do you remember the Munsters? What about the hot chick that lived with them?

japan style

a bmx would get you around town faster than this thing.


Ive been working on getting the new gallery's up, but I'm not quiet finished yet, so for now check this photo of my new hub set...!sexy!

whats worse than a rollerblade contest?

Love Bikes?

In honor of the 100th post i thought I'd put up a little mix of weird bike related things, links, videos & photos...

-Bike Porn
-Chopper Weirdness
-Booze Cruise any one?
-Drum Bike
-Faster than a shaved Monkey?
The other weekend we made it along to the Polo court to hang out, ride and have a few cold ones.

Vans in UK

The Vans team has been here in the UK for the past little while, they even mabe a visit to little old london, but i discovered this the day after. Luck thing ive got the DVD coming in the mail with my next issue of Ride, can't wait. Here are a few little glimpses for you.

More BMX Videos >>

Make It!

I can't remember how I found this page on the MakeZine site, maybe I was searching for Rasta bikes, but there are some amazing stuff, and some weird stuff.

new headtube sticker design

what do you guys think?


Victor aka The Corruptor sent me this...
"The Wellness Skull by Joep van Lieshout is a kind of satanic spa.
It contains a small bath lodged in the neck and a sauna in the head that
blows steam out of the eye sockets."

Pushing The Envelope


Some more GPV madness


Check these photos of this dope GPV bike...rad!


Slowly getting the site back together after my major fuck up, ah well, who cares. For now here is some lovely photos Justin Sweeney sent me! Thanks Justin!!

In other news it seems like SBC is soon to be going through its GPV phase... cant wait to hit 100km/h+... BLAM!!!

When drunk people have ideas

Ok, so we rode around and talked some shit last night. Now I'm psyched
Check these out.

For more about this go here


this has nothing to do with bikes and this guy is obviously an arsehole but im drunk at work and I thought its was funny sorry.