Josca and his Rat Rod
Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
this one is going straight on the blog
Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
sarcasm the root of all evil
Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
Mikes Specialized Sworks
Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
T Whites Bikes

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Thanks for the pics Steve!

Waffle Bike


T.Whites Bikes Grand Opening

Its time to open the doors at T.White's Bikes and to celebrate we are having a opening day Sale & Party.
So make sure your free Saturday the 8th of November between 12-8.
Drop by for a celebratory drink and good times.

  • ZombieBmx photo exhibition featuring Mike Davies & Ryan McCrae
  • Charge bikes New Zealand release
  • RedBull Specialops Grind Box Jam
  • SALE on everything in store
Located at
132 Symonds St

Tell all your bike friends and come on down to check out the latest Bike Shop in Auckland.


New Mike Giant work

Our fav Mike Giant has been drawing bikes skulls and babes for years and years. heres some from his new show at WhiteWalls Gallery
From mike giant

From mike giant
From mike giant
From mike giant
From mike giant
From mike giant

Couple more rum ride pics

New sticker collection I mean bike

Well I may aswell post these up. Been riding this one for a while with a couple of different bar and crank setups. Its nice and light but a bit creaky

New Ride!

Hey dudes, i finally got my new bike together this weekend. Ive got a few little alterations planned but new wheels will have to wait. Yesterday Mark and I rode over to the polo court to hang out, but apart from to kids and their dad busting out no hand wheelies it was pretty boring. So we decided to try and find these steep rough banks close by but they were a bust with road works. Around the back of the building we found his crazy space with a huge pond, fountains, Roman ruins and a halfpipe in need of some serious sandbagging.

With the seatpost I'm running on the new bike I've had to ditch the signature SBC opener, but who needs it when you got tall cans.


Its been a while since I have posted any girl/bike combos.. we all love it.. its a combination of two of the greatest things in life... so here's a few pics, enjoy.


Some more photos from the rum ride.
I took some and the others I stole off Teva's post on


I saw this little clip over on thecomeup.. I think your either going to hate it or love it, but honestly this is one of a few riders out there at the moment doing his own thing.. I mean he is doing shit I haven't seen a BMXers, MTBers, FIXIEers or even other trials riders do so you got to give him some credit for that, its pretty rear to see riders out there doing something completely different to anyone else. I mean 360 nose pick whip of a 8foot ledge.. WTF.. people just don't do that!! do they?

Danny Macaskill : Next level street trials from brainchild-films on Vimeo.

Photos from the Rum Ride will be up tomorrow.

Rum Ride Photos

Louie Louie

Just spotted this over on one of them big time blogs but thought I'd post it even though many of you may have seen it already. My flat in Grafton was a damp hole it was worth it to have the med' school at the front door.

wethepeople : Louis Bolter : Videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

Adidas Skate Photography Exhibition

Me and Lester from Quietchaos went to the Adidas Skate Photography Exhibition last night, It was a pretty rad exhibition with amazing photography from the likes of Simeon Patience and a few others, we pretty much just chilled, checked out the photography and consumed a bunch of free beers. It was very inspiring and made me want to go out a shoot some photos...


Check out SBC comrade Straton Heron's new work bike. He moves AV equipment around london on this rad cargo bike

And bar spins this pursuit around in the evenings

Our friend Matt works here at Milk Bar and makes the best coffee in london.


Got Bored.... Found these on the old Blog... Posted them... See you on the Rum Ride!!


Hey Dudes, sorry the site went down for a few days there.. we had to many hits and blew our Bandwidth to pieces.. but where back up and running now! ka--ploww!!

Barcelona Part 2

This collection of images marks the end of the digital photos from my trip Barcelona, the riding related ones that is. I took about 800 photos over the week, edited them down and plucked out the ones i though you dudes would enjoy. I also shot a roll each of B&W and slide film (the slide film has got me stoked) which ill pick a few of and post them. I wont try to explain every photo as each has their own story, but once again, if you go to Barcelona... TAKE YOUR BIKE!

London Bike Show

Hey guys, went to the london bike show today and saw heaps of rad weird expensive exotic stupid colorful bike junk. I took a few pics sorry there a bit crap. theres more here if you wanna look
From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

From bike expo

wind down those windows

See more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos at Shred or Die

Blurple visions

This ones been in the works for a while. I was gonna wait for some more bits before I posted it but it looks like it may get dismantled and redistributed though several other bikes that will get more use. Let me know what you guys think.
anyway heres a run down of the bits.
nerd out
frame - early 90's scott mountainbike, converted with surly track ends by a guy who raced it in world singlespeed champs. vintage GT freestyle decals
fork - no name chrome fork, 5 squids on ebay
wheels - ebay from taiwan, magnesium, xlight ti quick release levers with the arms removed, tioga skidrow tyres
bars - weird 2 piece oddessey cruiser bars
stem - EDH zombie special
brake set up - oddessey pitbull lever, top half of fishbone giro using gear cable to rear brake, purple canti's with koolstop vans brake shoes, onza chill pills
drive set up - dmr cheifton cranks, vintage profile 44tooth sproket, blue chain, purple VP beartraps
seat - Ges, found in whales bike shop
post - XE USA shimmed out with another bit of seatpost, now a uno

Another Man Down! - Mike Aitken - STAY FIT!

These last two year seem determined to remind us of how fragile life is. I have not seen any details on his condition but it seem serious. This guy is a legend and one of my favorite riders. If you would like to make a donation check out 50/50 mag as they have a fund set up. STAY FIT!

Respect to all our fallen friends and heroes. RIP Tim Hales / Get Well Mikey

BMX Reunion! Nov 1, 2008

Novatel Hotel in Rotorua, tickets $45.

From the website:

Do you remember the Supermax, HMX, Supersport 202?

Do you remember watching those fast riders like, Nick Lambert, Peter Mac and Brent Harris, and wishing you could go as fast as them? Well you have come to the right place.

BMX came to New Zealand approximately 30 years ago and now its an Olympic sport.
What a great time for a BMX reunion to look at how far BMX has come in New Zealand, meet those heroes from the past and some from the present, also catch you with old friends and foes.

Welcome to anyone who has been involved in BMX in some way over the last 30 years.
Bring your camera and get the photo you always wanted with your hero.

• Awards
• Photos
• Videos
• Live Band
• Bar/drinks
• Bikes from the past and present
• Cocktail food from Novotels best chefs

Souvenirs on the night and also collectors t-shirts available from the web site to order.
Spend the day looking around Rotorua or bring a bike and hit the track or go for a mountain bike ride.


Check out the Wazman's Bike Check.. Wazman holds it down for the North Side drinking club with a bike problem.

Barcelona Pt 1

Three weeks ago i packed up my bike into a box, stuffed a pack with clothes and headed off to Barcelona for a week of sun, sights, bmx and photography. I managed to arrange a stay in an apartment owned by a friend at work, so i was based very centrally and had a place to cook and chill (myself and my beers). On this holiday i had olny set myself 2 goals: relax and hunt out as many riding spots as i could. I have uploaded a selection of my photos HERE from the week and below are most of the spots i rode and found. There were a few more but i didnt get a record of them. If any of you can make it to Barcelona, take your bike!!!

Part two to come...

Skull Bike Club Rum Ride

The Rum Ride is ready to roll. Bring a bike "of any description" for a fun day of biking and drinking.

Flying five spoke style

Bicycle Film Festival!!

This Starts today! Must get some tickets!! Ahhhhh
Go Go Go

Mr Smith?

Jared Smithford from Tazz Hernandez on Vimeo.
UGG, riding the wave through it...