Josca and his Rat Rod
Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
this one is going straight on the blog
Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
sarcasm the root of all evil
Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
Mikes Specialized Sworks
Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
T Whites Bikes

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One Sweet Ride

This could make millions.

700CMXing in the sun

If you're dumb like me you sell your BMX right when the nice weather kicks in.
So I put this together to muck around on to tide me over till I get a new one.
The 650X700c set up is original for this bike, but somehow the fork I have lets me bar spin.

More Mayhem


I just got blogged about by southsea fixed gear fight club, they sound tuff so I better return the favour

Um... Yeah... Wow!

Watch the full vid here......

FOR SALE *edit*

If your a skullbikeclub associate some way some how you can have it for $600.. Deal!!
Its sad to see this bike go but unfortunately I need a new bathroom and don't have the room for all my bikes so I have decided to sell my S&M .38 Special 24", I'm hoping to get about $700 for it.. its an amazing bike and has a bunch of amazing parts on it.

Sunn 24" Forks
S&M 24" Race Bars
Profile Race Stem
Profile Race Cranks
Profile Race Euro BB
Profile Whip-it Sprocket
LoopHole Ti Front Hub - Ti Axle, Cones, Nuts
Profile Race Rear Hub
Shimano Chrome DXR Lever
Shimano LX V-Brake
Shimno DX Pedals

The bike is in really good condition.. I have never raced it, just used it every now and again on the streets mostly to get to and from work. The photos below isn't the exact spec but close enough.. I have changed a few parts around.

So if your interested please email me at

Two Latunas - before shots

I finally found a Laguna, but somehow ended up with two. These things look even radder in the flesh. This one is an '82 and is going to have gold and black parts.

This one was built in 1979. It's going to be candyapple red with blue parts.

Vintage Solid Steel: Double Dee & Steinski

This week's podcast from Solid Steel continues the series of revisiting the classics from their vault. Those of you into the Hipsk Hopsk should have heard of The Lessons (parts 1, 2 & 3) which influenced a whole generation of DJ's.
Check it out here.
In an ode to these releases both DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have released their own Lessons. In 2002 Shadow and Chemist teamed up with DDS for a live performance of The Lesson which you can watch on youtube here: Pt One & Pt Two
And since i couldnt embed the vids i thought i would put up this one.

Rouleur Photography Show

Next Friday, see you there in your freshest lycra.


I order my Masi Coltello today.. not to sure how I'm going to build it up, or when when for that matter but its to rad to refuse ordering it. Its coming from the USA sometime in December, ill keep you poseted

In other news Chris from Onehunga has finally got his $10k frame building jig.. hes already started working on his boutique hand built frame company Caldera. I'm looking forward to seeing what he produces.

20" fixed

I really want one of these

but they look about as hard to get a hold of as one of these

by the way I sold my pursuit frame but it went to a good home, the guy who bought it makes rad courier bags and is currently selling THIS!


The Good the Bad and the drunk

Ive been working in the tokyo fixed gear shop building some wheels and looking after stuff

some cool bikes

I got drunk at tricky dicks and went OTB

slamed so hard I busted my belt buckle and blew my inner tube in half

fuck it dude lets go bowling

Skulls N Shit

Check out the other 2 parts here, just dont get caught in the porn hole.

Rat Racer Ride

Last couple of weeks Ive been helping out at stratons work AV2hire. Riding the 8 freight bikes around London. The boss david is a rad dude with some sweet ideas, check out this bass cannon he tows on a trailer.

He was telling me about how the 8 freight is designed by Mike Burrows the guy responsible for this oarsome bike

He also designed this rad recumbent called the ratracer!

It was really nice to ride and has loads of really interesting design features

Heres Straton discussing the advantages of monoblade forks and the importance of colour coordination

He also recommends taking your wallet out of your front pocket before you ride.
Anyway heres a vid about Burrow's laid back bikes

Mike Burrows shows his bikes off from recumbent rider on Vimeo.

This kid rips!

Sorry for the lack of updates my droogies, I've been skorry busy.
Got a sweet new project on the go. Before pics soon.
This one's for the SBC's secret admirer.

An afternoon with Perry Petermüller GDL from sebimesserer on Vimeo

Box Wars!!

It's been and gone in AK for this yea but there is a little vid-a-cle on Here.
And these from around the world.

And some random photos i stole from somewhere...
And just in case you were wondering what I do during the day, here is a screen grab from the other day. Someone's got to do it.


I'm not sure how much of you know this but there is and official Mark Skulls website... make sure you check it out..

Sugino Rebel 8

I saw this over on the Rebel 8 blog.. pretty rad!


I just put a quick gallery together from the T-Whites-Bikes opening day party... Hope you enjoy it!


Also don't forget to visit -

T-White-Bikes OPENS!!!

On the weekend just been Skull Bike Club memeber TimWhite officially opened the doors to T-Whites-Bikes...

Here is some links where you can check out photos:

I will have a photo update later today.

"Turns out he has been restoring old Schwinns and installing 67cc two stroke engines on them".

Some details on here down at bit... just a bit further.

T.White's Bikes

Just a reminder that T Whites Bikes is opening on Saturday and there is going to be bit of a party, opening day sales, plenty of trick bikes and parts to check out, a bit of BMX action on the side walk and well... its just going to be fun as hell. Check the flyer for details.

Also sorry for the lack of updates lately but Ive been pretty busy helping Tim getting his bike shop going.

I Love Bikes So Much

I just went for a little spin, hop and pop for lunch, it reminded me of how much i dig riding on 20" wheels. Go ride... and say whats up to T-White this Saturday. Sorry SBC London cant be there.

Subrosa Cheers Brother! (Brighton Ain't Ready Bonus Section) from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.


I was going to write about vigilante justice after a lovely experience riding home involving some very angry man in a Merc'. I was looking for some images of bikes being thrown through car windows when i found these two little pics.
I feel much better now but im still wondering what are the best weapons a rider could carry...?