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This bike got stolen from Auckland CBD outside a restaurant called Grove on Xmas Eve, If you have seen it please let us know! It belongs to our friends Girl and will be missed... keep an eye out for it, its not hard to miss especially with its purple rims and mint green hubs, any help would be appreciated.


Well its a bit late now but MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the SkullBikeClub viewers, Hope you all have a fun, safe and rad bike related holiday!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week, my house got broken the day before Christmas Eve.. All my shit got taken.. clothes, shoes, cameras, tv.. etc... But luckily they didn't take any bikes! I'm going to borrow a camera for the mean time so I keep posting until I get something new sorted. Any camera nerds out there?.. should I go Canon or Nikon?

In other news, some of you may know that I help distribute Masi for New Zealand.. well any way here is a heads up.. the new Coltello frame is leaving the states hopefully this week so should be in shops soon... and if anyone is interested there is one Masi Speciale LTD Fixed left in size 58cm.. this is the last one in NZ and there not making anymore!


Beer funnels and super fast flatland = awesome

GEEK GARAGE AND MATANKI NITE 2008 from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

Coasting over Christmas

There's no buses on Christmas day so it was a rush to get everyone's bike back together to get ourselves across London for a good feed and massive piss up.
Ashas Archie Wilkenson speedway bike had been taken apart

and put back together on the Ribble frame with the rear wheel I stripped so now is just freewheeling.

Im using the coaster hub wheel on my track frame for a while till my new rims come in.

Also I got some new tyres and pedals for my mountain bike

but they were a little bit to big

so I axed the frame up.

oh well ..
Hope you guys like the new banner.
See you in 2009.

Tires of Fire pics and Bike Central Krd opening

Ivan and Justin from Steadyrollin' and Redbull Special Ops recently put on the annual Tires of Fire skid competition. Ken White blew everyone away with a 270m skid! That's an unconfirmed world record. He probably skidded for about 5km that day in total and didn't wear down his tire. He was basically doing a nose wheelie the whole way. For more pics go to the blogs linked above.

Ken White, world record holder

T Wizard, getting ye olde schoole on it

Mike Lawrence, burning rubber

Ivan, event organiser

Teva, poking his tongue out

Zombie Mike, assuming the position

Bike Central Krd held it's opening party a couple of weeks ago. Bike Central is kind of a cafe/bike shop/bike park where you can leave your bike, have a shower, a nice coffe and buy some high end roady shit. The new store is opposite Artspace on Krd and next to the liquor store - which came in handy when we drank all the beer, because the good fullas at BC just cruised next door and bought some more. Caught up with a bunch ol' courier dudes like Johnny Dread, Stu Jacobs and Jamie Ritchey. They're still rad.

Macaframa Primier & Crap Xmas Ally Cat

More Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Fixed Mag 2 / Do the Macaframa

So the other weekend while I was in Sweden the good folks at Fixed mag decided to have there long overdue release party for the new issue and the UK premiere of Macaframa. Obviously I cant tell you too much about it but I do know the SBC was represented

with some wheelies under the Xmas tree

I think the guys got some more pics they'll upload soon.
Ill be shipping a few copies off to T Whites Bike Shop so go buy your self something and you might get one.
And for all you impatient skint fellas, the virtual tree friendly version is available here

So check it out, theres heaps of nice pics and some uhh words, and even a little piece on crafty old MARKSKULLS.

Fixed Mountain Bikes

Ive been riding my mountain bike around with 700c wheels on it for a while now. It felt ok so I decided to chop off all the brake mounts and cable guides and make it a dedicated fixed gear frame.

Obviously the geometry is a bit messed up, but if you cant afford a Brooklyn and you've got an old 90s mountain bike frame lying around and someone who can weld, I think its a good alternative.
The raised BB height will stop pedal strike and the longer top tube will give you almost zero toe overlap and also means it feels better running a short bmx stem. They are also stronger and cheaper than track frames and most likely have a 1 1/8th inch headtube so you can run a bmx looking fork.
Ive seen a few in London that Ted has converted, I took a pic of odge's one at TFG the other day.

Down sides are the handling is not great, it looks kinda wrong, and you messed up a perfectly good mountain bike.
But I think thats kinda what Skull Bike club is all about.
Which is why I was surprised it took me so long to realize that the funny mag wheels I got off ebay for my other Blurple vision had disc mounts on them, meaning I could simply bolt on the cog I already had from London Fixie and.....

Another retarded pointlessly heavy bike to dick around london on.


My favorite S&M ad.
Champion cruisers rule, but try finding one. Note the square chain stays, twin downtubes and coaster brake.
Now I get recumbents.
Frank Frazetta. Who can deny his radness?


Local Auckland bike enthusiast Brendan van den Bosch has organized a Bike, Beer & BBQ at Grey Lynn park this coming Sunday, that's Sunday the 14th. We're going to meet up at the cemetery on K'rd then ride from there down to Grey Lynn where we can fire up the BBQ, relax, enjoy the sun and ride the mini ramp. Kicks of at 2pm... should be a fun day so see you there!.. check the flyer for more details, choice!


SBC News flash

Last week Hawera, a small town in Taranaki, was in the news because of a gang street brawl that had residents cowering behind barricaded doors. This week it's bike pub crawls. It's all happening in Hawera. A mission to this pub crawl would be rad!


The prospect of hundreds of drunken cyclists descending on the Taranaki town of Hawera for a pub crawl has prompted a call for organisers to contact police.
The annual Hawera Push Bike Pub Crawl is this year scheduled for December 20.
Cyclists on a variety of styles of bicycle pedal the 7km from Hawera to Normanby, taking in the seven pubs on the way, before returning.
Police said posters had started appearing for the event and they were keen to talk to organisers about safety and the law.
Sergeant Robyn Burnett said it was not about police being killjoys but about making sure the event adhered to the law.
``That people are safe and that there is minimal disruption to the local community and motorists.
``If this is the intention of the organisers then they should step up to the plate and work with us to make sure it happens.''
According to one Bebo webpage the event had been running for about 30 years and about 1500 people are expected this year.
The South Taranaki District Council temporarily extends its liquor ban area to include the entire route of the pub crawl.
Police said officers faced drunken riders with little apparent regard to their own safety or that of others.
There had been incidents of assault and disorder, numerous complaints from motorists held up by the event, and local businesses closing early to avoid problems.
Ms Burnett said many riders were not wearing safety helmets or were wearing inappropriate helmets. - NZPA

24's out the door

Hey everybody, Im not sure if its credit crunch related but it seems there's been a lot of thinning out of the stables lately and the casualties have often been our beloved 24's. Well heres mine

90's GT Dyno, dmr cranks, profile chainring, VP pedals, weinmann rims, canti rear brake, caliper front, fishbone giro cable spliter, diatech dirt harry lever, vans brake shoes, profile bar caps.
email me if your interested.
Heres another one that went out the door recently aswell

Western Flyer with stolen shopping basket.

On a happier note heres some funny pics I found.


Its been a while since I have done a decent update, I've been a bit slack but mostly because I have been pretty busy with my other site, so anyway here is a big update for you.

First of all I have change the links around a bit, basically Ive just got our friends up there and people who have us linked or have linked us in the past.. If I have missed anyone please let me know and ill get you up there.

I have a new bike in the works so I thought I might as we
ll post some before photos of it. Its a Colnago Tecnos, its a bit ruff but I love it especially seen as it was given to me by boss! So far I have Suntour Superbe track cranks on it from Justin Hanahan, to go with those I have a pink Sugino Zen chain ring, Its got a brand new campy record in it which is rad, also I have a gold Technomic stem and pink Nitto risers to go on it, so its going to be a pretty rad bike, but I haven't decided whether I'm going to go freewheel or fixed with it?.... but ill keep you posted as I build it.

In other news if you ever see Brendan van den Bosch rolling around Auckland city on his fuji make sure you ask him to have a look at his magazine 'gutterboard' that he made for his final year at Uni.. Its a pretty amazing mag.. check the photos below.

I got another blog going now at.. so make sure you check that, I have pretty much just been posting random bits and pieces up there, but I'm going to focus on posting non bike related photography mostly....but yea generally just whatever!

I have a few bikes for s
ale at the moment, Masi Fixed - $850nzd, S&M - $700nzd... hit me with an email if your interested or have any questions,

That's all for now.. but as always I will leave you with some lovely ladies on bikes!

Bob Waffle aka One man partay aka Graham's new ride