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Its In The Mail & Its Steel, Solid Steel

The other weeks episode of The Solid Steel Radio Show Podcast (93) is pretty interesting. Usually its just an audio file but this time they have put out an mpg. I subscribe so I got it on file to watch while I eat lunch at my work desk but all you others can have a look at it either here -

Its quite a large file to stream so you will prob want to buff it for a while before you watch it. Those of you into the work of Len Lye and other such artists will hopefully enjoy the vid, but it goes off into all sorts of tangents. If the Quicktime files are not working try through itunes, or just find it yourself.
Here are some screen grabs:

Skull Saddle

Super awesome amazing designer Matt Bibby just customised his brooks with a dremmel.

Check out his blog for more cool stuff.

Believe in your dreams

hu hu hu

Stolen Bikes

Andy Diamonds Hutch 20 & 24 were stolen and he needs them back.
If you see or retrieve the bikes let us know.

colored pencils

they say it's all about style, i say it's all about style.


The Southward Car Museum is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Well actually its about 45min's north of Wellington but feels like your in the middle of nowhere. You head of the main highway and drive along a a small country road for a few hundred meters, and there on your right is the Southward Car museum.. its quiet a strange site because it is a huge 70's warehouse / building with lush mowed grass lawns, complete with flower beds a classic tea house serving lamingtons and a cups of earlgrey, and of course a nice little gift store. Its very out of place and almost like stepping into a time warp. The craziest thing about it is the whole thing is privately owned. Sir Len Southward is the owner and staring collecting cars from 1956 onwards... he was a very successful businessman and dedicated his life to collecting and restoring all sorts of unique vehicles.

Here is a bunch of photos I took on my last visit to the Museum.

1950 Cadillac "gangster special" that belonged to gangster Mickey Cohen.

If you have NZ's biggest vehicle collect you need at least one Delorean, a classic Ferrari and the NZ made Red Head speed boat which was the first boat to reach 100pmh, and did this in 1953 on Wellington to harbor.

A few more shots of the Museum and some of the gnarly cars in it.

One of the best things about the Museum is the collection of Bicycles.

Apperenlty this was this first track bike to ride in the commonwealth games by a NZ rider.

Another interesting fact about the Museum is that it has a 474-seat theater, and features a 1962 Wurtlitlzer Theatre Organ,
which was originally installed in the Civic Theater in Auckland.

Hope is all i can afford

Well in response to Mike zombie post.
i have to show mine... what are the chances of having a groupset from
the 1970's with your name on? and french made that is and being
french is something i do quite well.


Thank you Teva they are going to look good on the Colnago.


Check out these photos of Justin's new (custom as) Charge Iron.. Looks super clean and fun to ride.


More at


Check out A new fixed gear blog from Singapore, definitely working checking out as it has some very nice photography up there.


Click To Enter


Now I know there are only about five tricks in BMX at the moment, but this guy does them really well.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

As seen on Defgrip

it's not a world for dreamers

About a week ago i was on my way to see Adam the Great to get a rim de-anodized in order to polish it afterward. The process involved caustic soda dilutted to 1/tenth of it's strength and no gloves, this thing would have pierced through you skin like alien's blood ( the one with sygourney weever all sweaty and hardcore shooting bullets everywhere in a spaceship).
apparently caustic soda only attacks anodizing and living organism only. nothing happens to steel or plastic or starbucks coffee cups...
but it makes bubbles on alloy, looooook at that

After all that i was so happy and my head was opening to a world of possibilities thanks to adam's karma or acid fumes. driving home imagining the bike's new look and all the shine everywhere i was driving carefree towards home. still daydreaming and thinking about how i should taper my jeans because they are a bit too baggy i was looking down arriving to a light but upon raising my head all i had in sight was the view of a ford frontier's bumper, a split second weren't enough to stop my little susie-lou and BAng! the front of my beloved suzuki st90v is bunged and the ford is totally intact on impact.
here are the results:

moral of the story: stop buying selvedge denim baggy jeans


All track 09' has been and gone... and what an awesome event it was, Big thanks to all the dudes that made it happen! Amazing work and everyone with out a doubt had a killer time.

There is a bunch of photos and coverage from the event at..

Here is some photos I took from the MashSF.

I took something like over 500 photos.. so once I got through them all I will get a post up.. or maybe some sort of gallery?

Looking forward to All Track010

Doing tricks on dumb big bikes

This is looks like how it feels to do tricks on fixed gears



Jones big ass truck rental and storage!

When the daylight saving goes off...

...the booze cruise goes off.
well here are some photos of another booze cruise.
all in all a pretty calm ride around town. just the usual. nothing extravagant or haven't done.
let the pictures talk.

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flash vs trash

Mike was just telling me about this australian dude who is going to open a new bike/motorbike shop in nz. Theres a few of these kinda shops over here. There kinda like the vintage clothing stores that buy container loads of old levis from america or canada and sell them for the price of new jeans here. I dont mind these types of shops, there fun to look in and sometimes if Im feeling rich I might buy something small, (actually now I just get Straton to steal it for me) but I still love and would much rather go the old school route of rummaging through piles and piles crap at Mr Bo Jumbles to find that 50cent diamond in the ruff.
Anyway, I went to check out another new shop that opened near me in hip east london. Its called TourDeVill and it has everything you expect from a trendy new bike shop.
Renovated old building with polished wood floors, couches to lounge around on and enjoy your latte and a shed full of vintage parts bought off an old dutch shop owner/collector for sale at dentist prices. I sound bitter I know. Really, I think its great that bikes are cool again..... really!
Heres some pics I snapped, check out the colnago mountainbike.

Built these new wheels up for max, there 32hole durace on Dodici V2 proto type rims with blue halo nipples. Ill hopefully get some of these for myself when he starts bringing them in.

and Ive been meaning to post this for ages! Its stratons 3bar cruiser he built for his girlfriend. Would look rad stripped to raw I recon. What do you think, flash or trash?


I stole these photos off the forums.. I don't usually post other peoples bikes, but this bike that local Auckland bicycle enthusiast Adam just completed is pretty much amazing!

Rad bike Adam!

DIY porteur rack V1 "the man basket"

Ive wanted a porteur rack for a while but there hard to find and the nice ones are generally hand made and expensive. But after checking out the PAUL components one, I thought I might be able to make my own without welding anything.

Like the Paul one its not designed to take heavy loads, its basically a cool looking shopping basket that doesn't make your bike look too girly.
Anyway this is my first attempt, I don't think it will last very long, the tubing is too thin and I think the pop rivets will pull out once its gets some road abuse.
Ive got a better plan for version 2 but need to buy a vice and find some thicker aluminum. If V2 works out, Ill post a step by step how to but I thought Id show you this one for now anyway.
(I know the bike I put it on doesn't make any sense. Im still working on another wheel set for it)

Moto-Bike 2nd Gen

Hello SBC'ers sorry I have been so slack with any contributions to the site. But I now have something you all might want to check out.

The story goes something like this. In the 90s my family and I went on holiday to Hawaii
and my dad found this schwinn in the trash so we bought it back to New Zealand. Now after many years in sheds and different set ups its about to be turned into a Moto-Bike.
T.White's Bikes head engineer Sick Sid made the gussets and new dropouts.
Just waiting on the 70cc two stroke to get this "Rusty White" rolling.