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This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
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Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
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Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
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Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
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Teva's New Bike

This is Teva's new ride..

We were going to do a full bike check but didn't get time before he left NZ for Tahiti, we will get it done once he's back. I don't know much about his ride other than its French....

I might have been hanging out with Teva a bit to much recently.. but are Trash Bikes the new Rad!?

Justins Laguna Two Six

A little while back I posted a gallery of Justin's Laguna 26" Cruiser.. here is some more photos I shot, This time in the day light.


SBC where experience some technical virus problems for a while.. but we are back up and running now! Expect some new posts soon.. I have a few builds in the works..

New Gang In Town

The Chain Gang Kids......

Stratons Koga

We still got internet Aids so if your looking at this your either using a crappy InternetExplorer browser or you ignored google's warning and are truly committed to the skulls. Mike says it doesn't harm your computer and hes the internets wiz so I believe him.
We should be on a virus free server soon so stay tuned for sunny London updates and more bike modification.

peter the piper

grow old, have own farm, eat dead animal you killed in the woods, show off, milk the cows, wake up at 5, go bike riding with mates.

while waiting for my exams

so i was bored this week of waiting to go to my exams, so i decided to organize a little get together with some mates in north wisconsin, i just quickly grabbed my jet and made a few calls and made everyone come to have fun.
here is a video of some of what happened...

Belgium Birthday Bowling party and some Bikes

We went bowling last weekend in Ghent Belgium for my birthday. Was a great time I can definitely recommend Ghent for its super nice and chilled out people and its superior attitudes to cycling.
This is the park across the road from the train station.

Seems like theres more bikes than people.

I Love Castles

and Cargo Bikes!

Cute couple

This was out side a bike shop so I ventured in wondering what other two wheeled wonders I might find.
I walked around the shop a bit and found my way further into the back where I found this

and then turning the corner I found this

and then I found this!

A life time collection of amazing bikes!

Real Army bike Complete with rifle!

Sorry about the crap picks my hands were a bit shaky with excitement
And the bowling was super good too

I think I got a tan.
99% of the bikes I saw were total workhorses, there were hardly any flashy or impractical bikes ie fixed gears. But if you do want something special they have there own recumbent store! Full fairing sweet!

On the way back we stopped in Brussels and I had a peek at there Velib style hire bikes

A couple of small improvements I noticed on the french Velib bikes, there is reinforcing around the lock mechanism to stop people twisting them off.
If you are planning a trip to London or Europe think about doing some trips on the eurostar. Its way easier cheaper and usually faster than flying. Tickets booked well in advance can be cheaper than a weekly tube pass.

Choping up my Charge

Last week at the shop I saw an old BMX frame I had around 6 years ago and it had some mods I had done in the era of transforming heavy as hell pig bikes into a lighter and more advanced style of BMX. I thought it was time to mod my Charge Racer and below are the results.

One of the first steps was to loose the bulky seatpost clamp/seat tube at the to of the frame.
1. The first step is being happy with you seat height. Don't screw this part up. Teva lent me his glasses so I could see what I was doing as I drilled the hole. One side need to be larger so a counter sunk bolt can sit in the seat tube to stop play in the post.
2. always use your rubber!!!! to mark the cut.
3. Rowan and Mike helping to keep the cut straight

4. Now some finishing work with the file and its time to set it up.
5. Looks good saves weight and makes the re-sale value of your frame $0000

Next on the chopping block was the head tube. I wanted a steeper head tube angle and a more pursuit looking frame so decided to cut 1.5cm from the lower part of my head tube.
1. Using the same protection as the seat tube mod (rubber band) I cut the main piece off.
I don't have a photo but after the cut I faced the head tube straight and installed my head set.

I also needed some Speed holes on my dropouts. Nothing like some slime green pain to give it that 80's Odyssey look.

Skull Bike Crib 5

Here's my new house. It's some sort of Frank Loyd Wright inspired thing in Grey Lynn (Western Springs really). It was built in the 1940s and was probably real futuristic for New Zealand back then.
This is my front lawn.
The grass is nice to chill on an drink beer (when it's not wet).

This is my living room. It has multiple chilling out/ drinking facilities. That chair is real nice to sit in in the sun. My fancy/ high use bikes go in front of the book shelf. All the sun comes in through those windows all day in winter and warms my frozen bones.

Midnight commute, fire, seat, tunes and whiskey. Oh yeah.

This is the door to my bike dungeon. Come on in....

This is my bike dungeon, let's say a before shot. You can see the last of my lake on my concrete floor, which formed after it persisted down one day. I had to stash all my stuff to stop it from getting wet.
Plan is to excavate and seal up the floor and jib the walls. Work's starting in a month or two. It'll be like one of those house pimping makeover shows...

Couch, stereo, Hawian themed bar, video games, bicycle workshop, potbelly stove. I can see it now.

Thanks for visiting. Mi casa es su casa.

Castle MarkSkull

Welcome doods and doodettes to Londons famous London. This is our current abode in Hackneyish East London. Come in, have a look around, play some paperboy.

Well hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Stop by anytime.


Zombie HQ, It's small but does the job, and has been know to hold many bikes of vairous kinds.

The Bikes.. in order-ish..
1998 S&M Dirt Bike, DB Pro XL, Colony Sect (1 of 2 prototypes), Kuwahara KZ-1, Colnago Technos, Masi Speciale Fixed, Specialized S Works, FBM Howler, Sunn Two Four Custom Painted, Garrett Burnes One Of A Kind T-1, 1996 Kastan.

Other Cool Shit...
Mike McGill Deck, NOS Raphael, Robot Collection (some vintage, some remakes), Limited Edition Poster of Kylie Minogue (you could only get this from the concert).

The Treasure Chest and Trick Box

Thank you for taking the tour of Zombie HQ.

S.B.C Cribs players club

Well this it my SBC cribs edition post.

The coolest thing in this photo is the black treasure chest. The trickery that lives in the chest has only being witnessed at true player bike projects.

Note the Mark Skulls art on the left thanks Mark.
Left to right
24inch Freeagent 95
24inch ELF
Robinson 20inch proXL
mongoose supergoose limited redo
mongoose Solution proXXL
Supercross 95 Eric Jones AApro's Bike
Hyper metro 94
Mongoose CRX
2 x s&m race bikes
And a Schwinn predator 86

And the Kitchen including checkerboard styling.

Skull Bike Club CRIBS project: Tev-man's dragons lair

Hello MTV we are the skull bike club:

46 square meters of culture, intelligence, world wide web, courtesy, classic designs and really bad furniture in town

drinking area

drawing area/ drinking area

biking area/drinking area

editing area/drinking area

tv area/ biking area /drinking area

sleeping are/ hangover area/ Drinking prohibited

at the end of the day it's not the size of place but the quality spent there...

thanks mtv for pimpin' my ride