Josca and his Rat Rod
Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
this one is going straight on the blog
Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
sarcasm the root of all evil
Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
Mikes Specialized Sworks
Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
T Whites Bikes

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This merch looks pretty pro and will def raise SR's profile as well as that of it's sponsors. This kit should be available at Frank's store Quarters and T.White's Bikes. No idea when sorry.

What would a SKULLBIKECLUB team kit look like I wonder?

Stater Jacket Fanatics, Hair Cuts, Booze, Bikes And Cruising

Here is a bunch of photos from last weekend Booze Cruise.
Basically we started of the cruise around 5pm at T-Whites-Bikes, we had a few beers there, check outed Tim and Rowans new basement space, Haimona got and Brian got haircuts. We vacated Tim's around sixish? and headed to the Domain for some more brews and a beer race. The beer race was a bit messy.. we didn't have any beer so we replaced it with Jim Beam which proved to be hard to swallow for most of the participants, But The Wazman Man had no problem and took the victory, Rowan Man was a bike length behind for 2nd place. After the beer race we raced down the domain to mechanics bay were we where greeted by the Police.. shit.. not to fear Brian smoothed talked us out of getting DIYed. After a few more beers at Mechanics bay we headed to Princess warf. We meant to stop at Mexicali for some dinner but some how ended up in the Hilton Bar, the SBC in the Hilton?? I guess stranger things have happened? From there on we had a few more beers and ever body started to disappear into the night.. some went home, others went to bars / bands, but all in all it was a rad night for the SBC Booze Cruise. Thanks to everyone who made the ride.. see you next time!


I have added a few new friends to the links... check them both out. Conradicals Blog and Scares Blog.



Here is a few photos I took a while back a T-Whites Shop.

In other new.. Booze Cruise this weekend! See previous post for details.
Come along, have fun, tell your freinds..



Meet at T.White's Bikes at 5pm.
Bring some $ for the beer run.

88mph head first

Straton finished his lopro last week.

Sold it this week.
Hes heading back to NZ in 3 weeks and will need a bike or two so someone hook him up.

Some pics from last couple of weeks

bootleg sessions 3 premier

Some rad doods

Toby is a rad dude

and has a tron helmet tattoo to prove it.

Fingerless rasta glove radness

12year olds on fixed gears are definitely not rad

This 20" is capital R.A.D. anyone know what it is?

Friday night skate at mile end

This is Chicho

Chicho had a rad bike

and was very entertaining

Thanks for the beer Chicho.

New BMX And Hop Comp!

Here is my new BMX that I have been piecing together for the last few months.. its rad to ride a new bike built up completely from scratch. I'm really happy how it turned out and love the bright colour... cant wait to get out and start shredding.
Massive thanks to Tim White @ T-Whites and MikeL @ TripleSix.
I got a video bike check in the works.. just got to clock some footy.

I was asked the other day if the photo of my BMX was photoshoped.. well its not, I took the photo just as it was turned to night, had the shutter open for a while (not sure how long, long enough to grab a beer), the camera was on my new super sturdy tri-pod, I bumped the saturation up on the in house settings, and the was light shinning out from inside the house and the ground was frosty.. so yea, no photoshop, looks pretty buzy though.
Speaking of photography make sure you check out Hagan from the Chain Gang Kids photograpy blog.

In other news, me MikeL and Justin Sweeny from RedBull are holding a BMX hop comp this weekend.. if you can make it, it will be worth checking out, even if you don't ride BMX.
Details are on the flyer.

I got a new track bike in the works, its S-Works.. just waiting on a B43, apparently Velocity are sold out and the one I ordered got wrecked in the post...shit luck.


This thing is the Dutch Master by Core 77. They say it's a homage to the New York newsboy style delivery frames of yester year. I reckon it looks like a Powerlite with puku combined with a Gary LittleJohn back end. It's cool to see people making things like this.


One of the shops customers stopped by the store to fix his tire and show off his new Skull attached to his candy apple Morrison.
Sam the owner wants to find a skull with antlers to use as handlebars!!!


Over at they've got another build off going. This time it's straight Ratrod. I'm going to get started this weekend. Entries close August 2nd. Rules below.

Participants should use their thread as a journal including write ups and photos.

1. You can only enter one bike in the build off (can change bikes once if needed)
2. Start a new post and use the bike name as the Subject.
3. Must use factory altering of original frame structure
(grinding off fender tabs and cutting seat tube height is okay, just no major frame design changes).
4. Bike must not already be built.
5. Must include before, progress, and after photos (all in one thread please)
6. Bike must be ridable.
7. Use any parts you rat = mo bettah!
8. Parts can be attached any way you wish (includes welding).
9. Paint must be applied by builder.
10. KEEP IT CHEAP...remember...IT'S A RAT ROD!!!!

Here's a couple of interesting looking builds so far.

gardening is all i'm ding

Ioarana i te fenua,
BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAA is the sounds made by a whale according to my niece.
it's been practically two weeks i've been lounging in tahiti. it involved eating at least three meals a day, sleeping on clean sheets and wearing a pair of boardshorts, hanging out with la familia, doing the 600square meter jungle garden every day, hacking through heavy-metal weedgrass.
bike-wise, there is the tahitian championship of mountain bike downhill at the moment, i missed the last round because i was sleeping. kids here are pretty loose down here, literally they ride with bikes with all the bolts half tighten. the riding is somehow getting better but limited in terms of equipment, we do have a few bike shops like pacific cycles that has heaps of parts from your beach cruiser to your top of the line downhill bike from specialized. the shop is frecking ghetto but what isn't in town really. the parts there are frecking cheap too, cheaper than in the states, it's freaky to imagine how do they get them _i understand why cargo boats go missing in the pacific ocean now..._
there are a few dirt jumps being built around the island at the moment and they are starting to look pretty neat (no photos at the moment as the digital camera is too heavy to fit anywhere on my halfnaked body).
i tell you it's good to be out of the cold, even though it took two days of getting used to the heat by having headaches and sweating profusely all over the place.
it's summer holidays down here so all the rat kids are out and about to try and pick up the amazing, flabbergasting, gorgeous, fabulous, bitchy, childish girls around (from what i've seen with average succes rate)
everything is pretty hardcore cliché everywhere and it feels good. luckily, the tectonic dance is somehow dead thanks gosh!
all in all it's time for me to go eat some raw tuna mxed with lemon juice and coconut milk

New Tees I drawd

Max has just posted these up one the Tokyo Fixed Gear Website. I dunno who the dood is but I got more pics of hot male models on my camera from last night. Im gonna try get them off my broken memory card when I get home.

The originals done by Vernon Cortland Johnson

ahh damn sooooo much better.