Josca and his Rat Rod
Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
this one is going straight on the blog
Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
sarcasm the root of all evil
Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
Mikes Specialized Sworks
Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
T Whites Bikes

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hey that girl who i can't remember the name but remember the lips where are thou?


This was sent to me by my friend Ant, who's living in a teepee on an organic farm outside of Seattle somewhere ... must be a teepee with internet connectivity.

It's nuts that people have been riding these bikes like this for decades. Anyway, the video is amazing and backs up my opinion that freestyle fix gear bikes are better suited to BMX flatland type tricks, many of which seem to be inspired by this brand of crazy whirling dervish riding, or vice versa ...

T.Whites expansion

Skull Bike Clubber and all round good guy Tim of T.White's Bikes has been tricking out his store, modular style. I saw the model Callum made for the renovations, here are the photos - it looks awesome. Apparently this only took 17 hours. Scaffolding rules!
I'll definitely have to go check this out at the weekend as research for my shed.

Photos from Chain Gang Kids and Zombie BMX


from the comments i was just reading...we have the choice:










give or take about 30% of taxes and shipping and in fees permit to import them from canada.

SBC Interior deco fund.

to all Skull Bike Club readers in the world.
we need your help.
we need to fund the interior of our pseudo-basement-crib-lounge-office space
with a deer head and we are only NZ$1000 short to get it.
any financial device helps (we take any currency/bonds/shares/mortgages)
you can send the money to (through paypal) or post cash to
C/Skull Bike Club
132 Symonds St
Auckland CBD
1010 Auckland
New Zealand

Save a dear deer head


Thought I'd start doing some reviews on MAME ROMS because there are soo many out there and I don't know where to start. I'm more or less just going on games I remember playing in my misspent youth. I figured MAME ROM reviews would be useful for me, so if I do some they'll be useful to someone. By the way, multi arcade machine emulators rule and everyone should get one, so thanks to Mark Skulls for cluing me up on them. Here goes.


I played this a bit when I was a kid, but I remember it being fiendishly hard.
It's a Sega game which looks a lot like Golden Axe, the two even share a monster -- the beaked whippy tailed things.


The plot is this. Some necromancer type guy resurrects you from the dead to go save his daughter.


The first stage is in a kind of roman graveyard, so most of the monsters are undead. The undead/zombie theme persists through the levels. I guess the Roman thing and the wolves is supposed to be some reference to the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. Don't know really, but it's a cool aesthetic and something for the nerds.


The game is as hard as I remember it being and the game play isn't great, but the monsters and bosses are cool, especially the eyeball shooting one on level 2.
I also dig how, when you kill the flashing two headed wolf, you get powered up until you turn into a beast. The dragon is my favorite so far.


I guess I'd rate it 3 out of 5. The game play could be better and it's a bit too hard for me, but it looks rad, has cool bosses and has a good premise. If you like games with zombies and weird monsters and like a real challenge, then this would be a good game for you. I'm going to keep playing it until I clock it, but I'm glad I don't have to pump 20c into every time I die.


Oh, and as requested, a larger image of my SE OM Flyer.


And here's some chili chocolate skulls -- $1 from the Mexican Specialties store on Celtic Crescent, Meadowbank.

88mph All Day

Fixing bikes at 88mph with sunglasses on for safety at all times

B-man and Moffit enjoy a cold beverage on a Friday afternoon.

Yeah Yeah gold rims

Sid's Moto Guzzi almost hits 88mph

Its not easy being this cool B-Man with a afternoon photo shoot for Metro magizine

Players Club

legs the size of a tree trunk

i was meant to post this a while ago but never did. seeing all the skull squad updating the blog lately pushed me to do so.

anyhow preview of something i'm working on so i can do long distances with my imaginary dog and my not so imaginary angel of death

Turn the bass up on this one

I never really listened to this before. Old motorhead like bomber and aceofspades is my favorite and reminds me of the glory days at the pit when bruce wasn't there. But a couple of songs on this are really great. Ones been stuck in my head for weeks.

Heres some more stuff I stole of some other blogs

Kevin Cyr paintings are amazing and his camperbike sculpture is the kind of functional art that I really love.

Compulsive Bicycle Acquisition Disorder (CBAD) strikes again

Just got this: 1980 SE OM Flyer.
As many of you may know, Scot Breithaupt more or less started BMX in 1970 when he began promoting pedal cross races in Long Beach. He later started Scot Enterprises and this, the OM Flyer (Old Man Flyer), was his signature ride.
Chrome ones are real rare and are said to have only been made for the OM himself. It's possible he left it here on a trip to New Zealand in the early 1980s, but it's more likely it's just a rechrome. However, rechroming stuff in the '80s was real expensive, so the mystery remains. Don't ask about the serial number -- OM Flyer serial numbers are notoriously cryptic.


Don't spaz out on the berm!

Raddest wheely ever at 1:13 -- dare anyone to come up with a better one!


Thought I would post some photos and some specs of my current set up.. so here we go:

Frame: S-Works
Fork: Full Carbon S-Works
Stem: Thomson
Bars: Nitto T19
Seat Post: Miche
Cranks: Sugino 75 and Zen Ring
Wheel: Velocity Complete
Pedals: MKS
Chain: KMC Kool Hollow Pin

Its kinda ugly but I like it.

Bike thieves go straight to hell

Someone sent me this. I think its David Shrigley?

Chupa Chups

So last night the crew went down to the Qubic Birthday Party to crash the palace.
all in all a few highlights.
the bikers crew get the Vip Seats (so VIP we were far far far far away from the crowd)

while the crowd were busy breaking up the dance floor

and some finger pointing happened

look balloons

next to broken Frames

and spare wheels

mike has things in his pockets

two men's shoes

One man player of the day.

also some back riding

tuff tuf

Straton tribute post

Im gonna miss you buddy.

dont worry! hes not dead. Just leaving london. Actually hes in italy visiting marty wowza (above) and will be back for a day before flying home to NZ, so this maybe a little premature. We tried our best to get him to stay. D-locking his arm to his head certainly hindered him a little.

Hes leaves us a legacy of prison tatts

and bikecam,

the trashportation bike

and of course doubledogs.
Chillin wont be the same without you man.

Anyway this video ought to cheer you up.

Tires Of Fire - Wellington Stylezzz

The guys from RedBull are holding another 'Tire Of Fire' This time in Wellington, So if your down that end of the country make sure you make it to this event, its going to be rad'o'clock!

Caldera Cycles

Here is a few photos I took if my Friends Cyclocross bike he hand built. Keep and eye out for my Caldera bikes in the works.

New Zealand BMX

We are having a frame launch at the shop this SAT and the after party is across the road from the shop!!! The after party is going to be good with a couple surprises for the crowed. Get your starter jacket on and head to the shop this sat Booze Cruzz Style!

island training

i was also roaming through pictures " a la methode" mike zombie and
found my cadence trainer from tahiti