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A cyclist was critically injured and three others hurt when a car ploughed into a pack of 20 riders in Auckland yesterday (Saturday, 26 September).

Cyclists who were with the injured men described the scene as "absolute carnage."

"All you could hear was the sound of carbon and bodies falling everywhere ... they were crashing all over the place," said Max Horley, who was riding behind the injured men.

Cyclist Maryanne Bawden described: "Bits flying, the noise, and then my friends lying on the ground."

- New Zealand Herald

Police are investigating reports that the driver ran a compulsory stop sign and are likely to press charges.

For those who don't know Auckland, Tamaki Drive is a road that runs along the coast. With views across the harbour to the North Shore suburbs, Rangitoto, Motutapu and Motuihe Islands, it's Auckland's most scenic city road. Tourists and city dwellers alike congregate to its beaches, parks, cafes and restaurants and it's the highlight of Auckland's cycle route.

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Since this group of recreational cyclists were run down, Cycling Advocates have been pushing to have the speed limit along Tamaki Drive lowered from 50 km/h (effectively 60km/h) to 40km/h (effectively 50km/h), a suggestion that's outraged Auckland motorists. Another suggestion is a dedicated cycleway running the length of Tamaki Drive. Motorists have flatly refused both ideas saying a cycleway will take away their parking options and that cyclists shouldn't be holding up motorists by riding two or three abreast. They even go as far as implying the injured cyclists were at fault because of their riding habits. Reading the comments on the Herald's website, this motorist's stunning act of negligence has seemingly become an excuse for Aucklanders to attack all cyclists.

The stupidity of most people is breathtaking. Only here would we consign access to a pristine strip of coastline to an environment where no life is possible. Simply put, if you're not in a car or truck, roads are death. Mike Giant puts it best.

Almost one year

Last week I was at Bike Central gloating to B-Rad about my new BlkMrkt Ltd Chrome frame to turn up wile drinking some coffee we look outside and the courier van pulls up and off loads B-Rad's new Soma frame because Soma and BlkMrkt are imported together I knew my frame was in Auckland.
Riding up Symond's street with a coffee in hand is painful but like a mag pie the chrome was driving me wild. As I was lurking around the shop the van pulls up and Bobby "the driver" has a sweet looking frame box. Knife in hand the box is apart in minutes but FUCK where is my FRAME!!!!! I was pissed.
All god dame day I was fuming and my famous grumpy self was beyond that I was at the next level

Then like Santa on Christmas but French Teva rolls in with a strange looking sheet and something warped in it. IT's MY GOD DAME CHROME FRAME!!!

The boys had pulled together and bought me the frame for the shops one year birthday I was so stoked and happy yet mad as hell.

So thanks to everyone who helped get me this frame you are all great people and with out your help the shop would not exist so thanks.

Everytime Its BMX

I haven't posted in a while.. I haven't really got much bikes in the works, but I did score a nice FBM Bitchin Camaro SS the other day that I am going to build into my summer booze cruise shred bike with a bunch of old parts I have kicking around. Just need a BMX race rear hub.. if any one has anything kicking around please let me know..

So I dont have much to post for a change I thought I would post some photos of myself..



I have no clue what the deal is with this company, only that they make rad looking framesets. The only place I can see that sells them is this place: Calorie.
At 1600 Taiwanese dollars that'd be about NZ$650 maybe - a lot cheaper than a Broakland frame.


Massan from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Terry Adams - Flatland BMX @ Ann Arbor, MI - Red Bull from Ian B. Line on Vimeo.

1:10 Eye patch goats!

Go to for more videos.

Stratons NZ rig

Straton is back in black. If you see him shout "Do a Skid!" innit.

Ride safe buddy and watch out for the fucking SUVs.


just a little late afternoon update while listening to keri hilson's "knock you down"...

so lately i have been scared of a lot of things... cops, car doors, gravel, drivers, bike tires not gripping, carbs, women, art, colon exams... the whole lot really

but one thing i haven't been traumatised by are pump tracks...
well so far so good. in about a week, the T-whites Bikes Staff is joining a little comp organized by and on shepperds ground in Mt Wellington.

we will make sure the event is more rad than rad itself than this video below...

My new GT Gutter Ball

This is my new GT gutter Ball.

I really liked this photo.

Top shelf gear.


Get it here:
It's got a run down of the Auckland scene, people you probably know shooting the shit and some rad pics from Steady Rollin's All Track events.

Also I need to pay off some debt, so I'm selling my 1981 Laguna BMX Cruiser frame. I'm open to offers, but I won't ship off-shore. It's chrome, it's old school and it's a 3-bar 26 cruiser. As far as I know there's only one other Laguna in NZ and I own it.

9-11 BOOZE Cruise

last night was another night to be remembered.
people came, drunk, rode and rode home drunk.
we had a fundraising for the stags head but didn't quite make it to the $300 goal.
so anyone of you wanting to support the SBC come in to Twhites bikes and put whatever you have in your pockets into the vans box
everyone who put something in the box had the pleasure of receiving a map for a treasure hunt.
what ensued after the launch from the auckland museum was grass racing, scabs, pizzas, cops, high street, more scabs, walk up the stairs all to end up at DOC
which turned to be not as packed as we would have thought.
Great turn out, Thanks to you all for making the night happening!


Booze crooze tonight!

A video from rad Canadian dudes Blazeguard. Canada looks nice, hopefully I'll be able to go design newspapers over there soon.

Blazeguard - Stoked on Being Blazed from John Thompson on Vimeo.

This thing is called the Cycroc. As seen here...

Looks dumber than a sack full of drop bars and twice as fun.

Kind of reminds me of the Mongoose Moosegoose:

Here's a rad pic of Steadyrollin's Justin bombing some hill in Otago. If someone were to ask me why I like riding track bikes, I'd show them this pic -- It sums up the fun and speed of it all in one.


so lately the whole trash-rat-jump bikes been all the rage in town (actually just amongst the people i know)
well here is a little something for them and all you trashers out there!
rock on


Official SBC old boy Rob Algie is 30, so he's chuking a bit of a hootenanny shindig round his joint on Saturday night. I'm going to ride over there from my place at about 4pmish if anyone wants to roll with company.

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Skid Bike

I found these two photos in depths of the SBC photo archive. Tim Whites custom skid bike he made for the original RedBull 'tires of fire', which was iover 3 years ago now, maybe?. Check out the bike wash in a spray bottle hooked up to a 2nd brake lever so he can pump liquid on his rear wheel at speed. He was also running a 1" GatorSkin.
At that Tires of Fire the entire field was on either BMX's, 24's or MTB's... I remember Justin Sweeney was the only person rocking a track bike! was rad!