Josca and his Rat Rod
Last Fridays Booze Cruzz
This Friday the 5th SBC Classic
this one is going straight on the blog
Mike Zombie wall hop
Fisher and paykel
sarcasm the root of all evil
Drop bar tattoos,Drop bar MTb's and rad rockshox t...
Mikes Specialized Sworks
Justins 1980 SE OM Flyer
T Whites Bikes

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Had this 90s TNT frame for some time and it needed to be built up into a mid 90s classic. Highlights include.
TNT frame fork bars and stem
GT High flange hubs laced with Ti spokes
Profile seat post clamp, GT post, Rolls saddle,
PMC sprocket, Crupi pedals
Dia-comp brake set up
Ame grips

Chupa Kabra

AAAh great times in summer! bla bla la
some old some same old.
people riding in the sun, chilling, trying out bikes that is too big for them, drinking beers and wine and bourbon and coke, girls coming along (summer does bring out really pretty girls or as brian would say "lovely")
people nearly dying. Ah talking about nearly dying, frecking Dave survived one of the most impressive crash in history of booze cruises. coming down the snaky run down the domain brakeless came up to a car on the last dodgy corner and had to hit the curb and flow through the bushes a la superman dodging jumping trees and branches to land on a downslope covered with leaves and managed to only cut his hand a bit. impressive indeed, one of the luckiest escape in history of teva.
darn i hate predictive text on computers.
as smart as we were we managed to pick up enough canteen noodles for 7 people. it was sure delicious as 7 canteen noodles boxes on a drunken night.
party ended at doc as usual but 70% of the group went home.
i gotta get myself on a road bike...
anybody got cash to buy more bike parts come to whites or give me some...

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I'm a cosmologist

Let's Get Dude Birdical - More BMX Videos


Super casual Booze Cruise tonight to enjoy this lovely summer weather while its here.
Meet at the steps of the Museum between 6:30 and 7:00.
See you there.. tell your friends!

Gee Pee Vee

HOly cow, i totally forgot about the SkullBike Club GPV race we were supposed to have...
my excuse(s) is that we have been too busy being bike pimps/ rolling with players all day long that anything cheap is to throw in a bin.
however, i miss the Awol, Bruised, Cannibalistic, Dirty,Eccentric, F%^(ed, Grimmy, Hardcore, Irrespectful, Jarhead, Kaboom, Labialized, Messed up, Noir, Obscene, Pirates, Quesadillas, Rugged, Scavenging, Testosteroned, Ulcered, VWXYZ.... mentality we had three years ago even though i wasn't in the club yet, let alone known it's existence.
anyhow, existentialism apart we still can be all that with a touch of sophistication.
check what i saws on the pedalmafia blog this morning....
they had the GPV world championship somewhere on earth

When the heck are we going to do our auckland championship?
True Metal riders only (or people who love to crash)(actually who cares. everyone should do it)

via pedalmafia

Yo Justin... lets see a bike check!


This frame is on my list of bikes to get this year.. super nice and hand made in Portland. Totally shred able.

In other news I am thinking about doing a super casual Booze Cruise this Friday evening.. I would say it will definitely go down but Ill do a post later with the info.

Wellington Road Trip

Last week myself, Wazman and Davey.S went on a road trip to Wellington. It was definitely a fun time, one of the best road trips I have been on in a while.

This sums the trip up:

Colossal Squids
Blaze Guard
Bad Driving (me)
Pizza King at 4am
Hotel Lips
Te Papa
Southward Car Museum
Wind Turbines
Side Hack
Super Causal Near Head On w/Truck
Mt Ruapehu
Wine Ride
Street Spots
Vegetarian Malaysian
On A Boat
Tourist As

New Look for Summer

Winter bikes all done and dusted so Im thinking ahead to summer with this new LOOK frame. Gonna need some $$$ to finish this one...


Here are a few pictures of my Dad's old schwinn cruiser built into a moto-bike. My dad pulled this frame out of the trash in Hawaii on a family vacation and brought it back to NZ around 15 years ago. "SICK SID" customized the frame with some gussets and 14mm dropouts. Still needs some work but were getting there!

Getto shop flyer 101

We have some new BMX gear at the shop and I did up this lame looking flyer and found it so crap it's funny. Head over to the shops website at to check out the product "not so crap"

i wouldn't be so sure about that

not content with having the second lightest blckmarket mob in the country i decided to cut off the brake mounts off some of the best mtb forks around.
it gives me the extra edge that makes me a semi-pro, a much more balanced steering, and a really average mechanic.

EDIT: i meant "it makes me a really average mechanic"


The Moto-Bike needed some work and also needed some blk paint on the forks and bars. Here are a few photos and a rundown of the parts this thing is super fun and I have plans to make a new one from a tandem It's going to be MAD
Frame GT Dyno MotoGlide this frame works super well because of the cable guides.
Fork GT peace 29er fork
Front Wheel It's a old DT Swiss wheel I found at Worrall's
Rear Wheel it's a 24 inch rim laced to a 14mm bmx cassette hub With a k'rad Tire
Seat Alan Prodlocks Dad's brooks saddle who owned a motorbike store in Hamilton.
Cranks Primo Powerbites with a profile 36t whipit sprocket and Easton pedals
Bar and Stem Renthal motorbike bars and Trek stem
Brake/Levers Old school Shimano SLR levers with an Avid disk brake 203mm rotor. Shits powerfull and no need for a rear.
Motor Some type of Chinese 80cc engine kit I scored from trade me with a Truvative 36t rear sprocket. I removed the Air filter and cut the pipe from the exhaust for more speed and Also punched a hole in the gas tank lid for more down force of the petrol.

Back in the computer seat

Well it's been a super long time due to slow internet providers and lack of time. With me moving apartments and setting up my office I am back for some blogging action first up is the SBC head quarters found below the shop on Symond's st. If you need some shit old bike parts or a hair cut this is the place.

Winter bike

I was waiting till I had time to build another front rack for this, before I posted it but Ill probably get a velo orange one when we get them in at work.

Ive been riding this a lot lately especially now its snowing. Its a perfect wetweather/hangover bike. Its a real mutant with most of it coming cheap off ebay or freebees or leftovers.

Heres the run down
alloy trek frame off ebay, horizontal dropout, internal cable routing, fender and rack mounts. I forget what model it is but its really light.
Cheap Alloy fork.
Front wheel is a free damaged Dodoci rim radially laced to sram drum brake hub.
Rear wheel is a H+Son 36H laced to Sram 3 speed drum brake hub.
Sram rival road cranks with a old school anodised gold painted black sugino bmx chainring.
Kool Chain

Some old favourites like Race face Prodigy stem, concor saddle and Shimano DX pedals with Power Grips for "easy out" when you hit those slippery manhole covers.
New favourites like Diacompe SS-5 Levers, porteur style bars and misnomer bike stickers.
Some Bad ideas like radial laced drum brakes (had some spokes already) and heavy "aero" (wind catching) rims.
And some good ideas like fully taped porteur bars with dual hand positions for hunkering down and cruising.

Front tyre is a Fixation 28c rear is a slick Scwalbe 28c.
Old 3 speed stermy archer shifter, I actually only use 2 of the gears anyway.
Home made Rack, the alloy stays I made broke so I replaced them with bought steel ones.

This is my back deck at the moment. Poor babies left out in the cold.

Tokyo Fixed

We this is very delayed but Id thought Id better post up this pics sophie sent me of the Tokyo Fixed opening party. Thanks Sophie.

Yeah that is your old Koga straton.

This is where Ive been spending all of my time, pretty much 7 days a week Im down there working on bikes, sending out web-orders, pricing up new stock and building displays. We've been open a month and a half now and the shop really coming together. I still need some additions to the workshop before I can begin doing SERIOUS modifications but its great just to have a decent vice again!
You can see the shop and all our new product on the tokyo fixed ficker.
Also I really need a ace mechanic to fill in for me 2-3 days a week. If anyone knows anyone in london let me know.
Thats all the advertising Im doing for now.
As you were.

Happy New Year SBC!