Never a keeper…

I have a compulsion for building bikes then selling them shortly after…Boredom and impatience are the main cause…

One day I’ll build somthing that I want to keep… or maybe not…

The fun of the project seems to outweigh the finished article, or in many cases the unfinished article; that I decide I’m not happy with and move on to something new…

(bar the full-sus: which I’ll show you soon) MTB is ALWAYS KING…

Here’s the commuter that might be stripped soon…



Brother Kepler Frame 52cm

Easton EC90X Fork

Thomson 100mm/25.4mm Stem

Titec H-Bar ^^^ Best fucking bars I’ve ever used! (just wish they were a touch wider to accomodate shifters/levers before the horns)

XTR M950 Cranks/Shifters/Chain/V-Brakes/Levers/Mechs

XT 11-36T 9sp Cassette

Chris King R45 Rear Hub/Mavic A719 Rim

Ison SP Dynamo Hub/Mavic A719 Rim

Panaracer Ribmo Tyres

Schmidt E-Delux Dynamo Light

Anyway… I’ll be back again soon to jabber shit…






This is well overdue but its high time we make this official.

I met Jamie when he starting work at Tokyo Fixed in 2010 and with our shared love of bikes, beer and metal hes since become one of my best mates.

Jamie is always down for a ride, never says no to a beer and loves a good bike mod.

Anyway nuff said. Cheers for the lolz squirrel. Welcome aboard.2013-06-16 19.12.54 2013-06-30 17.48.42 2013-07-02 10.50.13 2013-07-07 20.36.26 2013-07-07 18.15.45 2013-08-04 16.25.51 2013-11-03 22.31.06 2013-11-20 22.47.26


Fredly super hybrid or militant Commuter+? Skulls goes over board mega post.

I don’t know weather its old age or my bike sickness developing into a gross kinda of bike fredness but I find myself more concerned with performance and weight these days than the look or rarity and overall radness of my bikes.

Its not like I race or even want to I’m not that competitive but when I get on a bike these days I want it to go fast.

I’ve been working on this one for a while and riding it since shortly after the death of my dean R.I.P.

I’m really happy with it now since I sorted out the mudguard issues so I thought Id get it up on skull.

So get ready for some rambling….

Ive been loving my mountain bike a lot (more on that later) and basically wanted something similar but cheaper and better for commuting. Kinda a cross between the dean and my mtb. I already had a full carbon tapered rigid fork from my mtb that I wasn’t using so that was a start. I needed a frame with either a tapered or 44mm headtube and a rack mount. I ended up getting this 6061 CUBE LTD 29er cheap from and started building around that.

I couldn’t handle the acid green so I spray painted it black. I got a gusset headset with a 1 1/2th and 1 1/8th crown race so I can switch to a steel for easily if I want to run a front rack or do some bikepacking with fork mounted anything cages.

2015-01-14 10.46.43


The forks are chinese carbon and about 550g they feel plenty strong enough and I have no worries dropping off ledges or riding down stairs. I camo ducted taped them for protection and a bonus military look. It also covers the cable running up from the dynamo hub and the zipties holding the mudgaurd on.

2015-01-14 10.48.18

The drive is 1×10 11-36 xt cassette with a zee clutch mech and xt shifter because the zee one doesnt have the double down shift I like.

The cranks are sram x9 with a standard gxp bb. In order to get a wide narrow chainring big enough for a decent top speed Im using a sram road spider off their new sram22 stuff, it fits the same as the mtb ones but is 110bcd allowing me to run a cyclocross 44t wolftooth. I have to run it back to front in order for the chainring to clear the chainstays, which it does just (scrapes when you flex it too hard). The chainline isnt great its quite noisy in the 36t but I hardly ever use it. The only other way I can see doing this is with a hybrid frame with narrower chainstays and road cranks. But I wanted to be able to take this thing bikepacking and wanted to be able to fit 2.2 knobblys.

2015-01-14 10.46.59


Since using a dropper on the genesis I have become totally addicted to them. It just makes riding a bike so much fast and fun! Having full leg extension and then being able to drop your saddle and bunnyhop with ease, blast low through corners, duck under stuff and just straight leg flat foot chilling at the lights. Its one of the things that makes this bike feel like a boss to ride.

But unfortunetly most 29er hardtails aren’t set up to take stealthy internal routed dropper posts. Well if you have little regard for your own safety and a high regard for the structural integrity of Taiwanese alloy frames you can do what I did and just wack a hole in there.

2014-11-08 16.02.56-1 2015-01-14 10.48.56


I used a small weight on some cotton and a vacuum cleaner to fish the cable through the down tube around the bb and up the seat tube (it was tight). The rear dynamo light cable also goes in the down tube and out the drain hole in the chainstay.

2014-11-09 14.05.08

2015-01-14 10.46.29The post is a specialized command post with 125mm of drop. I dont really like it but it was fairly cheap on ebay and has quite a nice ergonomic remote built into the grips . But its scarily ball smashingly fast. I’ve tried it with lower pressures but it sticks a bit (might be fucked).

2015-01-14 10.49.26


Ive got pitlock security skewers with the key modded to my key multi and security torx bolts everwhere else.

2015-01-14 14.12.06 2015-01-14 10.49.45The lights are off my surly LHT which I sold. Schmidt edelux front which is mounted with a modded crosstop lever clamp and supernova e3 rear. They run off a SP Dynamo PD8 which is a cheaper copy of the Son Schmidt but Ive had one on asha’s bike for a few years and its still going strong.

2015-01-14 10.50.56

The rear wheel is a charge hub I got off ebay for £25 its got the same looking internals as the halo superdrive on my mtb which has serrated pawls and 120 point engagement. I stretched the pawl springs a little and now its as noisy as a profile hub! No need for a bell on this, people shit the bed when they hear it screaming up behind them.

2015-01-14 10.49.08


Its laced to halo vapour rims with sapim cxrays. Im running them tubeless with schwalbe furious fred 2.0 (360g) These have no puncture protection but the one puncture Ive had (that I know of) sealed up in a couple of minutes without much pressure loss at all. They weren’t great until I spent a few hours shaving all the knobs off the edges with a craft knife.

2015-01-03 16.07.40-1


This stopped them buzzing on the mudgaurd stays when I went over bumps and makes cornering on roads smoother. They also felt smoother on the flat and lighter?

2015-01-14 10.47.59The bars are prototype genesis bars I got from allround great guy and product manager at genesis albert steward (thanks!) they are now on their 2015 caribou fat bike. They are just wide enough to feel boss but still get through traffic and are super comfy with loads of back sweep. I often ride with my hand in the bend when I want to get down and forward more.

The stem is a cheap marin one.

Brakes are shimano deore m506 and have enough one finger power for around town.

Some old rotors I had lying around, the front is centrelock the rear is 6 bolt.

Saddle is a specialized bg I got free. Its ok but Ill get a WTB one eventually

m540 shimano spd pedals

Gaurds are SKS 68mm wide with a diy mount on the front. They keep me pretty dry apart from my shoes but I may add a flap on the front if it will stay put. That should keep my drive cleaner too.

Its just under 11kg as you see it.

I think that covers it! Only other thing I can say about it is that I love it! Its does everything I want it to. Its comfy and fast, not too expensive or fragile to lockup. Its light and strong and most important, super fun!
2015-01-14 10.46.51Just needs a name?


This bike has been through hell and has been one of the best, but every dog has its day and sadly this ones going out to pasture.

It was recently involved in a intoxicated head on collision with a inanimate but unforgiving object which left the front wheel in the down tube and some little ripples around the headtube. After which it was resurrected with a vice and some long pipes. However like the living dead it was never the same after that fateful night.

So here it is for posterity in all its bent, drilled, filed and modded glory may its donated parts give birth to bikes for future generations to come.

Long live the dean!

2014-11-09 11.23.222014-11-09 11.23.37 2014-11-09 11.23.45 2014-11-09 11.24.02 2014-11-09 11.24.14 2014-11-09 11.24.43 2014-11-09 11.25.02 2014-11-09 11.25.25


With the dean still warm in the grave it might seem disrespectful to mention but being the bike whore I am I’ve been working on a replacement on the side for a while now…..

Get ready for the “commuter+”


Ladies And Gentlemen!

this upcoming SATURDAY 8TH OF NOVEMBER is one of the finest bicycle gangs in auckland special alley cat! meeting point is corner of Symonds st and K road.

join them for the most fun you will have huffing and puffing around the city this weekend because after that you will be hooked on adrenaline and dopamine that you body will produce from the physical and mental exertion of racing a push bike!

gangsta boogie!


Snobby bloggy

Had a idea for a new category on skull. Its called BIKE LOLS. Heres an example I found a while ago in soho….

2014-08-15 11.46.37

So just any bikes or parts that make you laugh really. Im sure a few of mine will be in this category too.

never not prolly

Gentlemen (and ladies if there are any reading this hell hole of a blog).

i present you, without further ado, the bike that cost me everything and nothing.

first thing first though, for this photo series the inspiration was Mr. John Watson and associates. Notice images of the same parts at different distance and also the macro photos that show what parts look like when super close to them and thrown in a foreground/background blur.

this build is the Hill Devouring Creature from the rotting bike industry bowels.

parts were acquired by exchanging beers, services, finding them in my stash and a couple have been bought for prices i would not disclose.

i would like to give my thanks to Gary-max, Diggle, Matt wall and the rest of the universe for letting losers like me build bikes like those.

DSCF1192 DSCF1203DSCF1206DSCF1195 DSCF1204DSCF1201DSCF1196DSCF1197DSCF1199

265 Days 5 Hours 12mins

It has been that long since i last posted a little somethin’ somethin’ on ol’ trusty SKULL BIKE CLUB.

A lot of life happened and that’s all I will say for the moment. My professional career took a turn for the better recently and i am now in a much more stable and open for opportunities i wouldn’t even comprehend had i not made the move.

However, Don’t you worry avid reader of the SBC, there is a lot of backlog of images and stuff that happened in the past 265 days and 5hours.

Rather than doing a nasty smelly Dump of photos, let’s talk bike projects. something a few might appreciate.

two of the greatest faces of the underground urban assault auckland cycling scene have been extreme mega duper generous and graciously donated frames to Teva’s Mowers and Cycles Fabrication garage late last year.

Evidently, at that time road cycling wasn’t high on my priorities.

Firstly, the fastest male red-haired bicycle courier Gary-Max Hampton was slimming down his collection and decided that i was a potential candidate for building up his 2011 Cannondale Super Six frame -56cm-. This thing is quite the nascar looking machine but we will get back to it tomorrow hopefully.





Secondly, La Piece De Resistance! Lorde Adam J Diggle of the Worralls Inc Kingdom had laid his trust and given me great power in the form of a Ritchey Breakaway frameset in 54cm. Ladies and Gentlemen, this not your Casual Breakaway you often. this little machine is the MOTHER HUCKIN’ TITANIUM VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that’s right i am forever in debt to Diggle for his immense generosity and class.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and once again we will come back to it in another post.



Stay put for more people






Edinburgh to Glasgow

Heres a few pics from a ride me and asha did a few weeks ago.

We caught the sleeper train from London at midnight and after a few beers and a little kip we woke up in Edinburgh for breakfast.

The trail is 95% traffic free along the union canal and goes past the falkirk wheel which is this crazy rotating canal boat lift.

Its about 65 miles and very flat so doable in a day. I did it on my town bike but would like to take my 29er next time as the trail gets a bit muddy and rough in places.

There is also a long dark tunnel and a dero castle which is cool too. 2014-07-18 10.45.10 2014-07-18 10.02.16 2014-07-18 10.00.47 2014-07-18 09.57.19 2014-07-18 09.33.50 2014-07-18 09.29.47 2014-07-18 09.23.11 2014-07-17 12.13.48