Bleds Stratos

Bleds njs Stratos

Sorry for the shit pics.

San morco concor saddle
Nitto S65 seatpost
Nitto Jaguar stem
Nitto risers and strong x grips
Hatta Swan headset
Sugino 75 cranks and ring
Eai cog
Mks GR9 pedals with Mks Clips and Cadence double straps
Suzue carbon Promax hubs laced to Campag omega V rims
Soma everwear tyres

Bleds is also selling a mint rainbow sparkle Vivalo which Ill post some pics of on the shop blog.

2015-07-15 16.44.522015-07-15 16.49.00 2015-07-15 16.46.37 2015-07-15 16.46.50 2015-07-15 16.47.14 2015-07-15 16.47.31 2015-07-15 16.47.43 2015-07-15 16.48.37


Bobby has a disease. It causes crippling and compulsive purchasing of amazing bicycles and parts… Even when you think it’s finished he comes up with some way to pimp it even more… He dropped by the shop with his SURLY PUGSLEY the other day, to replace his Thomson Masterpiece Post, Elite Stem and Alloy Jeff Jones Loop Bars for ENVE Post and Stem and some Carbon Loop Bars!!! He took some great photos for us so we could smash it up here…

Oh yeah… as far as I know, he is the only person insane enough to get his Surly chromed by a South London motorbike chroming workshop!


unnamed (2)

unnamed (4) unnamed (7)

Shimano XT Brakes

unnamed (8)

Surly Large Marge Fat Rims

unnamed (13)

Jeff Jones Carbon Loop Bars – Much better width than the alloy version (a good few inches wider)

unnamed (14)

Alpine Saddle with Sprung Rails

unnamed (15)

ENVE Stem and King Headset with Carbon Fat Fork

unnamed (16)

Cheeky little beer bottle cap bar ends… mix it up daily…

unnamed (17)

ENVE Seat Post

unnamed (1)

Phil Wood 175mm Snow Hub

unnamed (18)

Dutty Rohloff Vibes

unnamed (19)

FFF Fatties Fit Fine

unnamed (20)

Middleburn Cranks

unnamed (21)

New Speedplay Flats – Lighter than the old version but still heavy

unnamed (22)

Tan Wall radness – Surly Black Floyd 3.8″ wide

unnamed (23)Repping only the important stickers… Surly 4130 and SBC Cycles!

I can’t say much about this bike… I just stop and stare every time I see it… Never gets old! The photos say it all… Needless to say…

BOBBY IS A SICK FUCK… Stay tuned for more of bobby’s bonkers bikes soon…


A while ago Bleddyn asked me to build him a 29er and being so hyped on my own chinese carbon I spec’d him up one on google docs with prices and weights and we went about ordering parts in and hunting around for some deals. I think it came out pretty sick and was a bit jealous really.

Here’s the breakdown

FM 056 frame
Fox float talas fork
sram x1 group
sram guide r brakes
ks lev dropper
raceface turbine stem
easton haven carbon bars
fizik aliante saddle
superstar switch hubs to superstar tactic rims
xpedo pedals
Schwalbe racing ralph and hans damph tyres setup tubeless
and a dirtnap fender to top it off

IMG_5606IMG_5611 IMG_5607 IMG_5608 IMG_5609 IMG_5610


Since hes got this bike hes always down to ride, have a beer and escort me to the emergency room. Even today he was texting me why aren’t we out in the forest? I dunno Bleds why aren’t we?

123213Untitled-1 IMG_5351IMG_5626IMG_5011


Project Cannondale Track

I have been wanting to do another project here on SBC for a while now after completing Project Kastan.. so I introduce to you a new project, Project Cannondale Track. It won’t be quite as exciting as Project Kastan but still cool nonetheless. To get things started some back story on the frame..

I’m not sure the full NZ history on this frame, I suspect it was imported into New Zealand in the 90’s by the NZ Cannondale dealer Worrals Distribution. I picked the frame up in Christchurch about 6 years ago from one of the local fixed gear riders down there. He got the frame from Spin City Cycles in Mosgiel, Dunedin. Mosgiel having a huge outdoor velodrome Spin City Cycles stoked a lot of track bikes and apparently this frame lived there for many years.

Mosgiel outdoor Velodrome, Dunedin, NZ

Mosgiel outdoor Velodrome, Dunedin, NZ

When I first got the frame I never got around to building it up as I had a lot going on.. getting married, selling my house, moving overseas and all that jazz. So I decided to sell it to Pepe. Pepe got it built asap and rode it a bunch around Auckland as a daily.

Pepe's build

Pepe’s build

After moving back to NZ and Pepe having now owned the bike for a few years he decided to sell in on.. and being the nice guy Pepe is he sold it back to me for the price I sold it to him.. good dude, very good dude seen as they go for a pretty swell price on ebay these days! I was rad to have the frame back as the Cannondale Track has always been a favourite frame of mine.

After I got the frame back from Pepe

After I got the frame back from Pepe

So why has the Cannondale Track always been a favourite of mine.. good question, and it’s not just because it’s super hype ride that all kids want. First of all it’s simply a Cannondale, and I like Cannondales a lot. Old Cannondales are kooky and rad, just look at those dropouts, why did they do that? Secondly the colour, that glacier blue is one of kind, not only is it a pretty colour, the paints a bit shit really, it wears super easy revealing the gross greeny grey undercoat.. but is that apart of the attraction, that natural patina you can’t fake that is so unique to Cannondale tracks? And lastly.. its American made, not that that’s an assurance of quality by any means, there’s just something cool about the American made bikes and their industry, especially during the 90’s.

Heavy patina!

Heavy patina!

I built it and rode it for a while.. commuted on it for a couple of months, got coffee, took it to the beach.. the usual fixed gear stuff. But with other projects on the go that needed completing I decided to split it up and sell of a bunch of its parts. Since then It has been tucked away in the corner of my garage, leaving me to think what should be done with it..

Built for the SBC show'n'shine

Built for the SBC show’n’shine

Having never really restored a bike back to its original factory spec I thought the Cannondale could be a cool project to do this with…

Original spec Cannondale Track

Original spec Cannondale Track

But, Maybe this is a dumb idea.. I have never really been a fan of restoring bikes and it’s not really the nature of the Skull Bike Club. But I’ve been wanting to do another build post here on Skull for a while after finishing Project Kastan. So I thought piecing the Cannondale back to its original glory would be rad thing to do?

This is where you the step in.. help me decide, restoration? or a kick ass build with assorted trick bits? Go here to share your thoughts:

Before you vote keep in mind this wont be a full on restoration job as such, there will be no polishing and refurbing parts, or hunting ebay for NOS components (I may be a bike nerd, but I’m not that kinda bike nerd). I was thinking more of restoring it to its original spec using parts that are nicely worn, show their age and history.

Thanks for contributing!



So skulls and myself have finally achieved the impossible (for 2 dudes with zero money, but a solid thirst for independence and the want to aggressively throw the proverbial finger at the man for good!)

We opened Skull Bike Club Cycles – The London Chapter… (or SBC Cycles, so as to not scare the locals in to thinking we’re some kind of gnarly killer gang or something)

2015-06-11 14.43.27-2

2015-06-11 18.18.47-2


As of Sunday 26th July we opened our doors to the public… Rest assured, there was no way that the opening would go unnoticed!

We’ve been hard at work for the past 6 weeks making noise with power tools, pissing off the neighbours with working late and getting ready for the launch… (the whole process from plan to now has been a good 6 months or so) We’re now broke so taking donations…

Going from a barren empty space with a shitty laminate floor and holes in the walls, to the finished shop you’ll see below… Its been a rad journey and I couldn’t of asked for a better guy to do it with…

It was pretty daunting getting the keys on the first day… Not really having planned much past the actual ‘getting of the keys’ part.
But we just got in there and slogged though it, planning as we went…

2015-06-11 14.54.102015-06-12 23.02.59

IMG_7559Lots of marking things, then moving things then doing it all over again…

2015-06-20 20.46.10We made a mess but we also made some furniture and shit… and we cut some holes in the walls


IMG_7699There was lots of black paint…

2015-06-17 15.34.04-2Mark taught me a belief/phrase that came from a certain influential SBC member back home… “The universe provides”… Sure enough I know now that this is gospel! Every time we needed a wood for a stud wall, shelving or cladding, it appeared almost on our doorstep… Don’t get me wrong, we had to go scavenging, but it was always close by… A fair bit came from the council bins behind the shop… Most of the shop came from found or recycled materials.


Mark drilled his way up to the 4th floor with this fucker…


Needed beefy ceiling mods to hold these beasts…


Lots of this…

11809928_718142754958130_1668949205_nand plenty of serious heavy lifting… (on top of the weight of his 29er commuter I dont envy this load!)

10432030_1447146188928203_911218522_n11313207_791796954274491_1521339897_n 11380899_865477833535823_1668973975_nsparks and sawdust all over the fuckin shop…

But I reckon it ended up looking pretty damn sweet in the end… (albeit cleaned up in the last few minutes before people arrived for the party)

(ashamedly we had to visit Ikea for some glass cabinets but not much else was bought new) Worth it for the 1×10 Radness…

2015-07-24 21.22.42

2015-06-24 19.45.04We hung prettu much everything in the shop from key split rings and spare links of 1/8″ chain we’d scavenged… The people living upstairs put up with days of drilling well over 100 holes with an SDS in the ceiling…

2015-07-15 16.40.48




IMG_6160IMG_6167IMG_6073We sorted some pretty sweet bearing stickers too…


IMG_6221The Raleigh Team Banana got torn to shreds and put to good use…



928745_844668035621557_1501535798_n 10542762_1471273469859631_1601139144_n

Mark made the sweet routered push pull signs for the door… theres a few more signs to come that arent quite ready… I’m sure the forest dwellers among you will approve…

Took me a few hours to wall paper the mint sauce toilet… but I was glad to get a break from saw dust!

2015-07-13 18.03.38-2The tool board took a few days… Mark ended up modding a marker to fit the vinyl cutter to draw a skull so we could map the tool positions… Mods Mods Mods

2015-07-20 21.22.04

IMG_6126First time I’ve ever seen a tool board with that much rad…

11201549_1480869752223506_1080685631_nFor the opening we booked 3 noisy bands… and gave everyone free beer and wine… Probably not the best way to make friends with the few hundred people that live above the shop, but definitely ensured maximum results for the afternoon… we wanted it to go off with a bang… 1st two bands played in the workshop, Last band played outside…

Gcz2gIOiXc0blOAfc068PmLrrpO3H192BLdh-2nI4qAEfHnBF9d6K2rkxVQxzwQNTh_AqlENHKKxuCHDVNbAQ2fXzkpbS8JU3jdPmzX5c3DgE9QtuZWkl-pZS3ApAH4gubaXmtk2xXRaRggdTME945ghOz70TzvM3bmFC6Q=s0-d-e1-ftOne of the barrels was even branded SBC! Meant to be…


11694070_10207508967701369_8362322428449992444_nFirst up we had We Wild Blood… A Drone Punk Duo with all the inappropriate Rolf Harris jokes and instruments…

Next up YARDS… A hardcore outfit (The drummer is also a bike shop owner)

11356930_447904595381277_675508144_nNo videos popped up of yards but they killed it… Riff heavy, roof shaking hardcore vibes… Check em here

Then finally… The gig to end all gigs!

I’m laughing even thinking about anyone watching this and not thinking its pure insanity… Noise/Drone like you’ve never heard it before…

We got some lovely complaints “Stop this, I can’t hear my TV” and “Shut this down, I have children”… I say bring em down and show them how to live!

One lady commented “I wouldn’t have minded if it was Jazz!”
I reckon they nailed it and she just doesn’t know what free jazz is…


Needless to say it was absolute carnage… They set up in the street under the gazebo with everyone crowding round. When the set was underway they gave the audience drums and a secret brass orchestra whipped out their horns and started some free jazz improv craziness that I can’t even describe other than absolutely amazing!

Thanks to everyone that came along and those who sent us their best wishes for opening…

I’m sure there will be many stories to tell from here on in!


Peace out… Squirrel Master…

2015-08-02 12.35.5011796370_10153503710283094_8776697416910515973_n