This, like many other ongoing projects has been floating around the shop for around 6 months. Sometimes the last thing on your mind is fixing your own bike when we have such a busy little bike shop. My project list is never ending and I needed to get at least one thing sorted from the list.GT


This bike is an absolute mix ‘n’ match of parts; every part, except the tyres, I had in my personal inventory, and as one friend put it “it looks like a Brian bike”. In some ways I was stoked with that comment.


Here is the rundown of bits:

The frame, fork and headset came from a customer, Richard knew I was stoked on this frame and he really did me a solid with a trade that worked for both. I am very grateful to have such awesome customers that do things like that.


Headset is nothing fancy, it’s an OG Diacomp unit that were some of the first on the market, I like the fact is in perfect condition and a real innovation for its’ time. Stem and bars are standard equipment found on many bikes I have owned.


Wheels are something I had laying around, Profiles laced to Mavic’s with DB Wheelsmith’s. I have to admit the wheels are not the strongest ever made but they work well and look good.


I think the coolest part is the cranks, BB and sprocket. The cranks are Middleburn MTB cranks that I found at the dump. BB is a Royce Ti unit with Aluminium bolts, another score from the dump. The sprocket is a Profile 3sp BMX unit I have had in my stuff for years now; originally from a small shop in Hamilton. Chainring bolts I fished out of Mike Z’s ano bolt jar over a few beers in his shed and to finish it off is a custom-made chain guide I made in the shop from various parts and aluminium bits.



I have been riding the bike for the last two days and it running pretty sweet; some little tweeks and it should be mint.


Got to say it’s pretty god damn light, I have no idea about bike weights but 8.5Kg seems pretty light?

That’s about it.

Now ride it.

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Whats the craic?

That means whats going on? If your not from the UK. Well most of you already know if you follow me on instagram so I would ask whats the point of blogging? Well I get to rant a bit and go into more nerdy detail I guess. Also all you luddites not on instagram can get updates blog style like its 2010.

First off some super limited custom merch.

The Skull Bike Club Dirtnap fender2015-04-02 18.18.30It works like this and keeps the mud off you face.2015-04-02 18.28.48

Endorsed by the Squirrel Master himself.
2015-04-05 13.04.32Field tested in the swamp lands of Epping Forest.2015-04-05 16.47.47

Although it doesn’t keep the rest of your bike clean at all.2015-04-05 12.51.45

These were stenciled with spray paint so took a while to make and the graphic isn’t very robust so I might wait till I’ve got some screen printing facilities to make some more. The big vinyl stickers are really fiddly too. 2015-05-19 17.06.57Couple of other things that happened.

I met the man himself King of headsets and hubs, Chris King.
2015-04-17 08.34.50I rode a ebike for the first time. 2015-04-10 16.29.51I broke my nose by face planting into a tree in Epping.2015-05-16 13.23.20

And left a scary mess in the woods. Lol2015-05-16 13.07.57-1I’ve been riding the shit out of this Guy. Bike check coming soon.2015-05-03 16.47.18My vintage mtb addiction is back and I’m buying more stoopid rad stuff.
2015-05-20 15.05.14


Last but not least Rad Rider is back again!

Skulls, Plagways and Squirrel on the mix. As always some steel drum, thrash metal, afrobeat and whatever other weird records we picked out. Terrible mixing on this and awful sound quality from my dodgy turntable setup, but at least we don’t talk through it.



Rad Rider 7 by Mark Boswell on Mixcloud

Also in dropbox for DL.


Bike check: Justin’s dirtdrop-monstercross-explorcycle

IMG_0445I’ve been after a kind of fatboi cyclocross bike to go exploring and city park shredding for a while and I finally got one.
Curve Cycling is a kind of roadie vibe outfit from Straya that makes some nice carbon rims. This frame came up as a kind of kickstarter type deal. It’s a 4130 cromoly front triangle with a house brand carbon fork, so nothing too fancy. But it’s solid as a brick poo-box, which suits me. It’s been the perfect bike to explore my new hood in Wellington. It’s comfy and fast enough on the road and reasonably capable off-road. I like that there are no rules with this sort of bike – I can just go for a cruise down the road, hop up onto the footpath for a bit, scope a trail, see where it goes and then ride home.
IMG_0516I wanted a fairly strong set of wheels for it, so I got some Stan’s Crest 29er MTB hoops on some Hope hubs. The 45c continental Cyclokings (I think) are really wide and go pretty well on and offroad. I didn’t want to get some fancy shifter/brake levers because I know I’ll smash them into some rocks or a tree sometime (I also don’t have much money), so I got some cheap used Sram Rival units. I scavenged a few bits off my poor old commuter bike, like the Sram cassette, the Sram Rival derailleur, the chain, the Thomson seatpost and the Flite saddle (now a 90s Bontrager saddle). The Wolftooth 40 tooth chainring was a Trade Me bargain. I wasn’t sure how it would go without a clutch derailleur, but so far so good. The cranks are Shimano Dura Ace with Shimano XT trail pedals. The brakes are Avid BB7 road with 140mm rotors front and back. I splashed out on a Chris King headset, because I’m worth it and the rasta vibes make lol.



So far I’ve ridden this thing on long-ish road rides, singletrack, rough-as rocky gravel, sand, mud – pretty much everything – and it’s heaps of fun. It’ll never have that F1 sharpness and speed of an road bike, nor does it have the carve and plow of a mountain bike, but it rules for those ‘I wonder where that goes’ sort of rides.

that time i got to meet someone cool.

Let’s start with an easy post from a long time ago.

Remember how i got the logo of yeti cycles on my leg a while back?

Well, this one time in auckland, the opportunity to get a tattoo the master Rafel Delalande  (his tumblr)came up and i was in dear need of something new. so uptown i went i managed to squeeze myself in the long queue of tattoo fanboys and added some radness on my the leg again!

that was september 2014… and there are older stuff i have been sitting on post on SBC…
DSCF0065 DSCF0062

Bringing back the shaka vibes bra.

In typical Teva fashion, i have lacked on a lot of different levels in life.

Seeing Master Skull’s power rangers energy for the blog, i caught the bug and am more or less ready to share my happenings of late late late. let’s say my inactions on posting on the blog were due to developing mental stillness and riding speed at the same time.

Let’s just blab on whatever i feel like blabbing on and hopefully it will all make sense.

shaka obama shaka.



UNIVEGA the PURPetrator

This one one of those hasty eBay buys that turns from £40 retro mtb frame! Bargain! Into a obsessive search for xtr hubs and nos 3dv parts. Luckily I came to my senses before too much money was spent on another bike I don’t really need.
So I ended up just throwing what ever parts I had lying around on it.
Parts I bought were
Jockey wheels

I found the rear wheel in the trash one day, it had a broken freewheel seized on it but I managed to get if off with the vice and Ashas help.

It’s fun for beers in the park and a bit of portage and it’s quenched my thirst for purple anno for a bit. So I’ll hang onto it for summer lols and then probably part it out.


2015-05-02 11.10.04-1 2015-05-02 11.10.11-1 2015-05-02 11.10.17-1 2015-05-02 11.10.27-1 2015-05-02 11.10.37-1 2015-05-02 11.10.49-1 2015-05-02 11.11.00-1