Kids bike

As a bike dad it was my duty to trick out this bike.


The stock unit, notice the over all height of the ride.


This is after all the mods. The stance is much nice and you can see how I lowered the front end and shortened the rear end.


Started off at 2kgArloWhitesbikes1

IMG_3655 IMG_3669 IMG_3668

Lost 4 grams in this fight against weight!  ArloWhitesbikes2 IMG_3666Seat post and headset clamps look pretty ugly now! have to refine my metal work on this.

Bike check: Yeti SB66

Soooo, a few months ago T.Whites Bikes and Teva Yeti technician helped me get a new mountain bike dialled. Here’s a quick one-photo bike check.



Prepare yourself for some barely comprehensible numbers and acronyms:

2013 Yeti SB66 frame medium, Fox Float CTD rear schlock, Fox Float 34 150 fork, Hope Pro II hubs (15mm front, 142X12 rear) on WTB i23 rims, Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyre (front), Continental Mountainking tyre (rear), XTR 980 cranks (175mm), Revolution Components enduro ring (32 toof), an Avid derailleur of some sort, some cool brake rotors that Teva loaned me, Avid brakes (elixir 7?), Thomson X4 stem (50mm), Renthal Fat bars cut to 760mm, Easton 33mm diameter grips, Rockshox Reverb post, Yeti seat.

what im riding (no1)

Inspired by Sassy Henehan’s posts from a few months back, I thought I would take a moment out from chasing the grommies around to document what Im riding right now, or at least start documenting it. That’s what we kinda do, isnt it? Anyway this is my footpath and bunny hop bike I built over winter that Ive been riding in the dark and workin’ up a sweat commuting to work on. Madd props to Teva & Tim who really helped me out on this super fun 20 inch number…Its a Mutiny lucky strike v2, raw, with profile and FBM shizzle including classic faded and bashed up bottleneck stem, lord have mercy!

LS completecrankprofile hub 1front hub fork sun rimz

LS complete2

All the very best for 2014 SBC peeps.Jah bless, Woody

eat some food tina!

Seasons greetings to you all.

while you’re digesting after your mega monster feed from the holidays and your family is passed out on a couch or guzzling egg nogs by the gallon take some time to watch this little gem!

Get pumped to go riding.

To all the Skull Bike Club members i think it’s time to get a coaster brake booze crooze!



IronHead shit

Whats up players!

Thought I should update the internet with more progress on the old IronHead,

IMG_3147 IMG_3148

Had the case cleaned and found some cracks! not very cool but the brother in law is helping out get that sorted! IMG_3152 IMG_3154So this is what I am thinking for the fender and seat! Chris made up this legit way to sort my ride height. Cheers Buddy


Rebuilt the S&S Super BIMG_3171

And the final mock up! Going to cut it back about an inch!

No country for lazy men.

Little did i know that having a great riding buddies would make things that much more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, riding solo is cool and all but group rides open up all kind of new possibilities and bigger adventures and more bags to carry the booze and the chocolate and petrol and the c4 and the tattoo gun.

Well it all started when The one and only sassy fantastic bought himself a new truck after catching the mountain bike bug. And a mighty bug that is. we first got all excited about this enduro race in rotorua, which happened at the end of october. the build up prior to the race was such an amalgamation of hype and preparation and climax and anti-climax that it became an event in itself.


Things like going riding super early before going to work gives you views like those.

The race in rotorua being our main goal, we had to be smart and not hurt ourselves before it. but boy, did it hurt afterwards and during. i didn’t take any photos but i’m sure you might have seen some instagram photos of some sort.1383173_620172638035437_1251104388_n

View from the bottom of the hill


View from atop of the hill


Sassy being sassy and ripping that corner.

So after racing our heart out while dicking around during the event -mainly by riding other trails and not being smart in general (as we do)-  Let’s not talk about results or time or what ifs today. i can say that the weather was amazing. Spring/summer giving us an early run for our money we decided to start planning bigger and meaner adventures.

What ensued was a lot of calendar planning and talking and getting hyped up. So far, my goal for summer is to do at least one adventure a month involving big rides, weed and scaring the crap out of me.

So october has seen a couple of good adventures, the rotorua mission at the beginning of it then followed by a little bike camping trip in our little rural auckland with big dick player CGK member- Duncan Thomas. we had to put our gang rivalry aside. It was a bit of a frankenstein trip as we went mountain biking in the Hunua ranges then drove to Maraetai and got lost trying to find the hidden campsite.Throw in a growler of beer and no appropriate cooking equipment and you got yourself 2 tired but happy bike campers. Oh! and no sleeping mat. But we did get to see a proper sunrise.


Took us about 2 hours to set camp as we had no experience with tents whatsoever. I don’t understand technology with titanium or carbon.

DSCF4788Look at that you for some moody shot


Sunrise at 6.24am.


Riding off to the car quickly so we could rush off to do other things the same day. Duncan went off to do some off-road driving and i rushed home and set up another bike and went off to Waiheke island to test out the roads and mountain bike trails out there.DSC_0003

That’s the only photo i have of my waiheke trip but bare in mind that at the bottom of that hill is a nudist beach which i won’t tell you if i went full monty or not. It’s between me and americans from louisiana to remember…

November also brought out a frecking stunner of a journey.

I tagged along all-time bad ass Steve Sollberg and talented graphic designer/ award winning Brendan Van Den Bosch for some big hill riding in wellington. A whole weekend of riding and eating and drinking them craft beers and all.

We met up with the boys from Spoke magazine -thanks to brendan as he works with them- and they showed us some of their local trails which involved a  5mins ride from the city to climb up some real hills. none of that Notting Hill melodramatic bullcrap.


It felt like we were pro sponsored riders as Caleb and Aaron and Mark took time of their weekend to hang out. They were such great hosts, waiting for our lazy ass to finish breakfast, waiting for us on the climbs down the hill and on the flats, treating us to some mean feeds, dealing with their families to accomodate us. The whole she-bang really.

Being a baller on a budget, i couldn’t be bothered paying for a bed in a hotel so below was my bed for 2 nights. people love walking on me mattress for some reason.DSCF4796

924e086248dc11e3a53712fa0320160e_8That’s Caleb Smith standing in the yellow top -yes THE Caleb Smith of spoke magazine- and sitting on the road is Aaron Young, All-around great dude and also a reviewer for spoke.

DSC_0004Halfway up the hill, no big deal…


And this is the top, they frecking top with wind turbines and sky and stuff and also a road… no idea where the road came from but we rode trails all the way.

I will leave this post on this high -is that a pun?-

Next blog post will be about why i haven’t properly started fabricating anything yet…

Garage Project -Part 5- Island time

Phew! i can’t believe it but it’s been more than 5 months since i last posted on the blog! Well well well, life happened and we gotta deal with it. you know how things go. You’re strolling along doing your own thing without thinking too much but then BAM! from accross the road comes life and you haven’t seen him in a while and you can’t be bothered having small talk because he’s boring and there is tons of stuff you gotta check out on your smartphone because it’s more rewarding socially than talking to life. 

Leave your cynical friend at home teva, no time for that.

Anyhow, When i last posted the workshop was taking shape nicely and things were moving fairly well. the four photos below shows where i was at last july. it sure was a cold but mostly dry winter.

Things were gearing up and i was looking at purchasing a Frame Jig and a surface plate. Luckily the legendaddy David Benson came to the rescue and lended me his vintage frame jig. Chahoo! more on that later -i mean soon-


Stuff lying around all over the place


Big tools slowly finding where they belong.


Shelves are getting filled up like shelves do.


View from the window 5.30pm. dead doom black metal cartel.

But! everything comes to he who waits.

during the 5 months period, things have been refined and worked on slowly but surely. My budget blew out of the water, and things started to get tight. so i have been chasing the carrot around and hunting for rabbit fast cheap deals. All that has been happening are just small refinements, such as multi drawers -thanks to bunnings warehouse and their amazing deals- and some filing cabinets scored on trademe.

these puppies are storing some pretty snazzy stuff these days.

Oh and some of you might have spotted a west germany made clock lurking around. vintage!




One of the biggest expense was a whole new power tool kit from hitachi where you buy a 2 tool combo set and get 2 free motherheckling extra tool via their redemption program! BOOM Son! Cordless angle grinder anyone?


DSCF0015that’s just one of the drawers, imagine what’s prowling in the other drawers.

Well that’s it for now, next post is ‘what has teva been up to if he hasn’t been making me a steel frame yet’


Hackney Hackspace

For the dudes that don’t know Hackney is hipsville of london but this this community space I just went and checked out was total nerdsville! And Awesome!!

Its a community run space where you pay a monthly subscription to use the space and all its equipment. Its very cheap compared to finding your own space in London and a bunch of awesome tools. Only problem is its full of rad nerds taking apart shit bio hacking cells and other projects I don’t understand.

Anyway these nerds got all the gear that you could need, welding, bending, metal lathe, woodworking shit, laser cutter, liquid nitrogen container for your superconductor? Yeah the space was cool so here’s some workshop style pics.
2013-11-12 20.58.49 2013-11-12 20.59.03 2013-11-12 20.59.15 2013-11-12 20.59.24 2013-11-12 20.59.40 2013-11-12 21.00.14 2013-11-12 21.00.25 2013-11-12 21.01.18 2013-11-12 21.13.45 2013-11-12 21.13.55 2013-11-12 21.14.14 2013-11-12 21.31.30


Go to for more details on the space.

We fucking made it!

t-weezys poster A4

Holy shit! we made it to 5 years old.

We have had our ups and downs along the way! good times bad times but at the end off this crazy ride we can all say “we did it our way” The SkullBikeClub has supported the shop since it first opened and with out the help from you guys the shop would most likely suck. I want to say thanks to everyone in the club that helps me and our team you guys are all amazing.

Party at the shop, details on the flyer.


Ryan MacPherson’s Whip

We had an email pop up in the inbox a while back that got lost in the SBC filing system.. Jocelyn Closs sent through some photos of her partners Ryan MacPherson’s custom track bike he recently finished putting together here in Auckland. Check it.. a rad ride for sure!


Frame: Matte Black Focale 44 58cm Cromoly
Bars: Matte Black Richie Pro Aluminum Drop Bars
Stem: Matte Black Richie Pro
Front Wheel: Bianci green Spin Carbon Tri Spoke with 700c continental Sprinter Tubular tire
Back Wheel: Abrosio Disc – Gipiemme 16 tooth sprocket with 27″ continental Sprinter Tubular tire
Chain: Fujistu
Cranks: Matte Black Sram Crank Set
Pedals: Black Flybikes
Straps: Black Hold Fast
Seat Stem: Matte Black Ritchie Pro Comp Aluminum
Stem: Matte Black Ritchie Pro Thinline