265 Days 5 Hours 12mins

It has been that long since i last posted a little somethin’ somethin’ on ol’ trusty SKULL BIKE CLUB.

A lot of life happened and that’s all I will say for the moment. My professional career took a turn for the better recently and i am now in a much more stable and open for opportunities i wouldn’t even comprehend had i not made the move.

However, Don’t you worry avid reader of the SBC, there is a lot of backlog of images and stuff that happened in the past 265 days and 5hours.

Rather than doing a nasty smelly Dump of photos, let’s talk bike projects. something a few might appreciate.

two of the greatest faces of the underground urban assault auckland cycling scene have been extreme mega duper generous and graciously donated frames to Teva’s Mowers and Cycles Fabrication garage late last year.

Evidently, at that time road cycling wasn’t high on my priorities.

Firstly, the fastest male red-haired bicycle courier Gary-Max Hampton was slimming down his collection and decided that i was a potential candidate for building up his 2011 Cannondale Super Six frame -56cm-. This thing is quite the nascar looking machine but we will get back to it tomorrow hopefully.





Secondly, La Piece De Resistance! Lorde Adam J Diggle of the Worralls Inc Kingdom had laid his trust and given me great power in the form of a Ritchey Breakaway frameset in 54cm. Ladies and Gentlemen, this not your Casual Breakaway you often. this little machine is the MOTHER HUCKIN’ TITANIUM VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that’s right i am forever in debt to Diggle for his immense generosity and class.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and once again we will come back to it in another post.



Stay put for more people






Edinburgh to Glasgow

Heres a few pics from a ride me and asha did a few weeks ago.

We caught the sleeper train from London at midnight and after a few beers and a little kip we woke up in Edinburgh for breakfast.

The trail is 95% traffic free along the union canal and goes past the falkirk wheel which is this crazy rotating canal boat lift.

Its about 65 miles and very flat so doable in a day. I did it on my town bike but would like to take my 29er next time as the trail gets a bit muddy and rough in places.

There is also a long dark tunnel and a dero castle which is cool too. 2014-07-18 10.45.10 2014-07-18 10.02.16 2014-07-18 10.00.47 2014-07-18 09.57.19 2014-07-18 09.33.50 2014-07-18 09.29.47 2014-07-18 09.23.11 2014-07-17 12.13.48

Genesis fortitude fail

So heres my stock Genesis after all the mods

2014-03-29 09.49.292014-03-29 09.48.12 2014-03-29 09.48.20 2014-03-29 09.48.31 2014-03-29 09.48.42I had it wrapped in camo gun tape for a while but got bored of that so painted it black.

I rebuilt the hubs to Halo Vapour tubeless rims with Cxray spokes and was running racing ralph 2.2 on the rear and Hans Damph 2.4 tubeless on the front.

I drilled the chainring and got a cheap but light kalloy stem. The bars are easton carbon risers cause I found the front end to be way too low.

I used my chris king headset and bb off the surly and got a cheap dropper post off ebay.

I filed the dropouts within an inch of its life in order to get the rear end a full 1cm tighter.

So after all that I decided that I didn’t like the geometry and alfine is rubbish for mountain biking. So its being rebuilt again to sell and I have another 29er on the go which I am totally stoked on.

More on that soon.

Long live compulsive bike building.


Kids bike

As a bike dad it was my duty to trick out this bike.


The stock unit, notice the over all height of the ride.


This is after all the mods. The stance is much nice and you can see how I lowered the front end and shortened the rear end.


Started off at 2kgArloWhitesbikes1

IMG_3655 IMG_3669 IMG_3668

Lost 4 grams in this fight against weight!  ArloWhitesbikes2 IMG_3666Seat post and headset clamps look pretty ugly now! have to refine my metal work on this.

Bike check: Yeti SB66

Soooo, a few months ago T.Whites Bikes and Teva Yeti technician helped me get a new mountain bike dialled. Here’s a quick one-photo bike check.



Prepare yourself for some barely comprehensible numbers and acronyms:

2013 Yeti SB66 frame medium, Fox Float CTD rear schlock, Fox Float 34 150 fork, Hope Pro II hubs (15mm front, 142X12 rear) on WTB i23 rims, Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyre (front), Continental Mountainking tyre (rear), XTR 980 cranks (175mm), Revolution Components enduro ring (32 toof), an Avid derailleur of some sort, some cool brake rotors that Teva loaned me, Avid brakes (elixir 7?), Thomson X4 stem (50mm), Renthal Fat bars cut to 760mm, Easton 33mm diameter grips, Rockshox Reverb post, Yeti seat.

what im riding (no1)

Inspired by Sassy Henehan’s posts from a few months back, I thought I would take a moment out from chasing the grommies around to document what Im riding right now, or at least start documenting it. That’s what we kinda do, isnt it? Anyway this is my footpath and bunny hop bike I built over winter that Ive been riding in the dark and workin’ up a sweat commuting to work on. Madd props to Teva & Tim who really helped me out on this super fun 20 inch number…Its a Mutiny lucky strike v2, raw, with profile and FBM shizzle including classic faded and bashed up bottleneck stem, lord have mercy!

LS completecrankprofile hub 1front hub fork sun rimz

LS complete2

All the very best for 2014 SBC peeps.Jah bless, Woody