Double stay Cyclops project

Just scored this off Grant — a crazy custom hand built Cyclops frame by Canadian builder Mike Mulholland.
Mulholland built this frame for Canadian Olympic Track Sprinter Jim Fisher for the 1999 Pan American Games.
Check the custom double chain and seat stays!
Now I need to figure out what parts to put on it.
How should I build it? Opinions welcome!

4 thoughts on “Double stay Cyclops project

  1. That rules Sass, I especially dig the sawn off seat tube road-kill scraper detail, great score, looks as stiff as a stiff thing on saint stiff’s day with a stiff breeze blowing.

  2. This is rad Justin,
    Cyclops are super nice, I worked with a couple of guys in Vancouver who had them.
    Where abouts are you at the moment?

  3. You need some bannanas parts for that, let me know if you want any weird nitto shit I got one of those flip up stems and were getting a bunch of weird bars like ergo track drops. maybe go old school drillium on all the parts?

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