Heres some pic from the weekend, went to Utrecht in the Netherlands for MASSIVE record fair, saw loads of weird “collectable” junk and a billion records and a bunch of nerdz and brown food, a dj on a bike, skulls and a couple of ventures records I didn’t have. Ate AWESOME ethiopian food.
Then we went to amsterdam for a couple of days and just walked around, saw a shitpile of dutch bikes, massive bike parking lots, cool cargo bikes, dogs in bikes, bamboo bike shit, some boats, a massive warehouse artist space with heaps of cool studios, tiki’s, graffiti, trains and a skatepark in the roof, and spotted a purple lady.

Was a rad trip, go to amsterdam if you can! Bike OWN there you can ride whatever however you like no rulz! Everyone rides and most people are one the phone running red lights with their girlfriend or kids on the back riding with just a rear coaster brake. Its a rad city.

Anyway check out the pics….